10 Benefits of Sleeping Naked

There’s no pajama shortage (that we know of), but some people are in the habit of sleeping totally naked for various reasons. Could they be onto something? Besides giving yourself a break from having to invest in garments that you wear only when your eyes are closed and you’re unconscious, doing without sleepwear might help you reap some unexpected health benefits.

1. It’s economical and environmentally friendly.

Think about all the cash you can save by not having to buy pajamas or invest in cleaning them. Not only will you save on the purchase price of PJs and laundry soap, but you’ll also be doing the environment one good turn by having less laundry to wash.

2. You can get a little confidence boost.

There’s something about sleeping in the buff that makes people feel more confident. It’s much sexier than piling on a big, fluffy sweater and flannel pants. Add silk or satin sheets to the mix and you’ll be feeling so incredibly sultry you may surprise yourself.

3. You’re more likely to have sex.

If you’re sleeping with a partner, chances are, you’re more likely to engage in some frisky activity if you’re lying together completely naked. We don’t need research scientists to tell us that. If you’re both totally nude, the skin-to-skin contact will prep you both with some feel-good oxytocin, which can lead to wanting (and hopefully pursuing) intercourse.

4. You might sleep better.

While cuddling up under the covers is a cozy way to get ready for bed, a cool sleep environment is usually best for promoting an optimal 40 winks. One of the easiest ways to cool down and keep your body temperature low? Forgoing clothing. It’s one extra layer that we don’t really need at night, so doing without PJs is a good idea for creating the best sleep environment.

5. You can fend off aging.

Staying cool under the sheets is also a good way to regulate melatonin and growth hormone levels, which both work with the body to fend off aging and maintain good health. Sleep nude and you may find you not only feel younger, but you don’t age quite as rapidly.

6. You just might fend off belly fat.

As a result of better sleep, cortisol levels are kept in check, which means your hunger and energy levels will stay steady. If you don’t get good shuteye though, then the stress hormone can spike and cause you to feel sluggish and crave comfort foods. What’s more, studies have found that sleeping in cold climates may activate brown fat—the good kind of fat. Sleep naked, get good rest and keep your body fit—simple as that.

7. It can help you manage stress.

Relatedly, the lower cortisol levels will help you better manage stressful situations during the hours when you’re awake. The better rest quality you can achieve without fussy or uncomfortable garments means you’ll feel more calm and centered and less agitated overall.

8. Your immune system might benefit as well.

Moreover, reduced cortisol levels and increased oxytocin—as previously mentioned—both contribute to a more robust immune system. Keeping these chemicals at their optimal amounts in your body’s ecosystem means giving yourself the best shot at fending off germs, viruses, and other bugs.

9. It can be good for vaginal health.

After a long day of wearing closefitting underwear and perhaps tightfitting closing as well, it’s a good idea to give your nether regions some time and space to breathe. This is especially the case for women because yeast and bacteria can grow in a warm, moist environment. Sleeping naked means your skin is exposed to fresh air, which will inhibit overgrowth.

10. In fact, it’s good for your skin health overall.

Similar to maintaining strong vaginal health, sleeping sans PJs allows your entire epidermis to breathe. Your armpits and feet will thank you for exposing them to the air and this means you’re less likely to develop skin diseases, such as athlete’s foot, as a result.

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