apps for lawyers
apps for lawyers

Technology has become integral to all walks of life and people have become increasingly dependent on it to find solutions to personal as well as professional issues. One such solution is the smartphone which has become an essential device for most people who download an application or app on it to add functionality that will help them. Legal professionals are no different and whether lawyers in India or anywhere in the world are using mobile apps to manage their workload.

Lawyers are no longer required by people to settle disputes only and commercial organizations in growing markets are engaging corporate lawyers firm in India or startup legal services to get comprehensive advice on running their business. A list of some of the best mobile apps that professionals like corporate lawyers in India or anywhere else in the world will find useful is being presented here.

1. Evernote

One of the most important parts of a lawyer’s job is to take notes and Evernote is an app that will come in handy while writing down vital points related to a matter. People can either type or scan handwritten text in addition to storing notes as sketches, images, video clips, audio notes, PDFs, and many other formats. They can make personal checklists out of the notes and set reminders for essential tasks with these apps besides using it to write memos, meeting agendas, and presentations.

2. Clio

Clio is an app fashioned especially for lawyers and it is a cloud-based legal practice management software that helps them manage their business. It is appropriate for small and medium-size law firms who do not have to invest in costly management software and can use the app for tracking time and expenses related to a case. Professionals can integrate accounts of other programs and apps to access all information from one place and collaborate with clients and colleagues anywhere in the world.

3. Dropbox

The huge number of documents that lawyers deal with makes efficient file management crucial for their work. Dropbox provides them with a secure location to store all their files which they can access anytime and also share with others. It has an inbuilt scanner that converts documents into PDF files and also has a beneficial feature that enables a user to sync, share, and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.

4. Dragon Anywhere

The hectic pace at which corporate lawyers in India or anywhere else in the world work, necessitates dictating notes or other documents which they either communicate to a secretary or store in a dictaphone. Dragon Anywhere lets people dictate documents to their phone which they can edit, format, or share right from the device itself. A very beneficial service that lets users customize it by adding words specific to their industry and also allows them to use voice commands to format, editor navigate through documents.

5. AgileLaw

Depositions are critical activities and it is essential that everything that a deponent has said is transcribed properly so that it can be used in a court of law to achieve the intended objective. AgileLaw is a deposition app that can be used by lawyers to record a deponent’s oral statement and then read it like a document. It also can be used for collaborative efforts and authorized people can join in to see an in-progress deposition to see the details.

6. Picture It Settled

This is one of the most innovative apps on this list which helps lawyers visualizing the negotiation procedure for a particular case and then devising strategies accordingly. Picture It Settled lets users conduct multiple visualizations at the same time and keeps track of each case separately. This predictive tool can prove to be immensely valuable for all legal professionals by helping them in planning their negotiation strategy.

7. SignEasy

A key requirement of legal professionals is to get the signature of relevant people on various documents for various purposes. This leads to problems sometimes as the required person may not be available in-person to sign the papers. SignEasy is an eSignature solution that can be used to sign a document in any format like Word, Excel PDF, etc. and also send papers to others for signing.

8. MyCase

Another app that has been designed specifically for lawyers which can help them manage their workload and keep track of any changes made to cases they are handling. It has an inbuilt planner that helps in monitoring the daily schedule and also in communicating with clients through messages. Lawyers can also use the app to store and access files besides recording time-entries. MyCase users can synchronize their files, documents, and calendars to manage their workload in an efficient and time-saving manner.

9. iAnnotate

A lawyer’s job requires him/her to go through documents and highlight or annotate segments for reference. iAnnotate is available only for Apple devices and it enables users to read, annotate, and share MS-Office and PDF files besides images and web pages. The app comes with multiple options that come in handy while marking a text and people customize it by dragging and dropping available tools.

10. Skype

Skype is one of the best instant messaging, voice, and video call apps that can be used by legal professionals to get in touch with their clients or colleagues easily. The group video call feature of the service can be used by lawyers to conduct a meeting with various people without needing to assemble them in one place.


Legal professionals located anywhere in the world including lawyers in India will benefit from all the above-mentioned mobile apps which will help them in managing their time as well as the workload in a more efficient manner.