10 Essential Outdoor Things For Every Adventurer

For any Adventurer traveler, the travel kits are of utmost importance. These kits comprise of various things which one carries to make their life easier during the trip. Bikers usually frequent Adventurer road trips to many places, especially forests. Camping for one or more nights through forests is one thing every Adventurer traveler loves doing. But there are some essentials which they cannot step out without.

Let’s check 10 of the essentials that an Adventurer bike traveler must-have.

Bike accessories

Since we are talking about bike riders, this is the first thing bikers need to tick off their list. Biking accessories are a must for a rider as a safety measure for themselves as well as their bike. You can’t tell if you meet with an accident or even skit or slip from your bike. It’s just to be protected. There are a couple of bike accessories needed for your safety.

Engine Cover

Your bike’s engine is under a case but just to ensure that you have added protection, it’s better to get an additional cover. In case you slip while riding, your engine cover will protect your case as well as your engine from any major damage. Engines covers are absolutely sleek and do not add any additional weight to your engine.

Bash Plate

One of the most important motorcycle accessories is a bash plate. This protects your bike frame in case you get into an unfortunate accident. This saves you from infinite repairs that your bike would go under as a result.

Oil Cooler Guard

To avoid any dust particles, stones, debris, or bugs from entering your oil coolers and ensuring a safe ride without any halt, consider getting and fixing one. This guard is the best thing that you can get as a bike accessory.

You can find these accessories for every bike be it your Suzuki sv650 or KTM. Keep yourself safe while you ride.

A Lightweight Tent and Sleeping Bag

For overnight stays, having a tent is a must. And since you will be riding, it’s good to carry everything that is lightweight. Also, sleeping inside a tent is not comfortable without a cushion. The bed of the forest is rocky or stony, hence it’s recommended to carry a sleeping bag with you. Also, in case you don’t have a tent or something goes south with your tent, you can always save yourself from having to sleep without one on a cold night.

Cooking essentials

Food is a necessity when you travel. Although it’s recommended to eat light when you are trekking or even traveling in general, you might feel like having some Maggie moments on one of the nights. You should consider carrying raw vegetables or fruits for some quick salad sessions too.

A Portable Fuel Stove

This can help you cook for yourself in the middle of the forest if you are really hungry. With all the walking that you would be doing, there is a need to have appropriate food so that you don’t feel tired the next day and can continue with your travel. Even if you wish to travel intermittently you have something in place to keep yourself full.

Required Utensils To cook

You need some basic things from your kitchen. You need a pot or a pan in which you can cook and spoons or spatulas to stir or serve the cooked food. Also, apart from utensils, you are also going to need seasonings. If you are very well acquainted with the forest and are a huge fan of Man vs Wild, then you can surely find the raw materials for your food easily in the forest. But for those who are not, carrying necessary supplies is recommended. But, ensure it’s just enough and not overflowing. Remember to pack light.

A Coffee Maker

This is a must for a morning kick. Not just early morning, you may also feel like having a nice coffee to beat the cold in the forest. A coffee maker is a must-have accessory for all your Adventurer travels. They come in various sizes and you can choose the most compact one to suit your needs. But if you travel with a group on a regular basis, you may consider getting a bigger one.

Luggage bag

Find the right kind of luggage bag for your travels is an absolute necessity. You need to find the appropriate size which you can carry easily and also can fit in all the stuff that you intend to carry. Also, there are many videos and tutorials online from where you can find tips on how to pack your luggage for a trek or an Adventurer trip into the forest. Sunglasses – This can also be considered as one of your bike accessories. You would need them the most while riding in order to protect yourself from the hindrance of dust particles as well as the sun. Otherwise, also, you would need them to protect yourself from the sun.

Warm clothes

Before planning any trip, you need to consider the climatic conditions. If you are planning a winter trip, you need to carry all kinds of warm clothes to keep yourself from getting knocked out cold. Otherwise, also, it’s just a good idea to carry some warm clothes as the weather tends to drop at night, especially if you are in a forest. The same thing goes for rainy wear. Footwear – If you are indeed an Adventurer traveler you have to pay attention to what footwear you go for.

Choosing the right footwear for the right trip is really important. You can’t go on a hiking trip wearing flats or even sports shoes. You have to wear your hiking shoes.

Water Purification Kit

When you are in the forest, the water is really fresh as there is a live stream running here and there. However, it’s just better to be sure and carry a water purification kit to prevent yourself from catching any disease.

Portable charger

Forests have network issues that tend to kill your battery faster. There are obviously no plugs for you to charge and hence it’s a good idea to carry a portable charger to ensure you can connect to anyone at the time of need.

These are some basics for your travel. Your requirements could change depending on what kind of traveler you are but these are some essentials that are indeed a part of your travel kit. What are your favorites?