shoulder pain
shoulder pain

One of the most complex joints in the human body is the shoulder joint. This is because it has multiple tasks to perform. It is supposed to allow your arms mobility for 360-degree movement, and at the same time, it is meant to stabilize the muscle and bone that allows both your shoulders to work in sync. Now that there are so many parts that make up a shoulder it is not uncommon that when injured you may experience not just pain but possibly the loss of mobility.

Causes of Shoulder Pain

Many sources of shoulder pain have been known to need medical attention immediately which may lead to rehabilitation prescribed by your physician or your physical therapist. This is common with a fracture, separation, or dislocation. The most common reasons for painful shoulders include instability, impingement, and arthritis.

There are other causes for shoulder pain like having a frozen shoulder where shoulders lose motion because of lack of the body using them, Bursitis where the bursa sac is pinched, Biceps Tendonitis, and the Rotator Cuff Tendonitis which occurs due to the bony prominence of one’s shoulder blade which leads to the tendonitis becoming easily pinched. These conditions require medical help and do not go away with therapeutic movement alone. If left untreated shoulder pain can impede your routine activities like brushing your hair, getting dressed, or carrying groceries.

If you are suffering from shoulder conditions that do not relieve in several days of rest remember that your first instinct should be to see a doctor. However, when you do feel shoulder pain these are some effective exercises that you should try first to relieve the pain. The best part is you can try them at home.

1. The Pendulum

Begin by finding a chair or a table. This is so that you can lean forward and use your no non-injured arm and shoulder to find support on it. Next when your body is halfway bowed let your injured shoulder arm dangle freely. Make sure that it is pointing straight down. Next, draw circles with this dangling arm. Make sure that they are small and you are moving your arm slowly, you can then pick up the pace and make bigger circles in the air. After every few circles, do the same in the reverse direction. Make sure that you follow this exercise five to ten times a day.

2. Arm Across your Chest

Begin by holding your right hand in front of you, it must be aligned with your waist. Reach behind your elbow with your left hand or the non-injured shoulder hand and pull the right arm that is the injured shoulder arm. Make sure that as you pull, it goes across the length of your chest. Remember if you feel a sharp pain in your shoulder as you do this exercise do not persist, you must lower the arm immediately. The aim of this exercise is that you may pull your arm across the chest and not feel any pain at all. When you stretch your arm, you must hold for half a minute to a minute maximum. You must do this exercise at least three to five times a day.

3. Neck Release

Start by sitting up straight and then slowly bringing your chin down towards your chest till you feel the nape of your neck stretching, but not too much. Remember that if you want to improve the condition of your right shoulder, you must lean to the left, and if you need to improve the condition of your left shoulder, lean to the right. Every time you stretch you must count up to a minute and hold the position. Make sure that you breathe deeply so that you are relaxed. Do this exercise between three to five times a day.

4. The Seated Twist

Start by sitting on a chair with your back straight and your knees touching. Next, slightly twist your upper body towards the right, lift your hand and place it on the opposite thigh. Your shoulders should be relaxed as you gently push on your right thigh. Breathe for around 10 to 15 seconds and then release. Repeat this on your left side. Make sure that you repeat this on both sides 3 to 5 times.

5. The Chest Expansion

Begin by gathering the one thing you need for this exercise: a rope or a band. Hold the rope behind your back tight with both hands and with your arms down. While you are holding yourself in this position try to pull together your shoulder blades and make sure that you hold the band. When you have achieved this, lift up your chin. While holding your chin up breathe steadily for 15 seconds before lowering your chin. You must do this exercise three to five times a day.

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