5 Things About Car Wash In Dubai
5 Things About Car Wash In Dubai

Do you own a personal car? If your answer is yes, then my next question is how often do you deep cleanse it? Instead of routine dusting and vacuuming, detail scrubbing to remove and wipe out all the stubborn dirt and grime is also essential. The frequency of scheduling complete service of your vehicle does not only depend on its use but also depends on the parking space condition. If you don’t drive it extensively and wiping regularly and keep it in the garage, once in a month will be enough.

Once you have identified the needs of your personal car, you can plan to take it to a suitable car wash in your neighborhood to get it deep cleaned by professionals. Before you step in the automobile service station is your area, it is necessary to ensure few important things.

Here I am discussing few important things every automobile must know before handing over the personal vehicle in the workshop.

What do they offer in the basic wash?

A standard package should start with spraying and layering water and soap on the overall body. At the first stage, powerful jets are used to remove dirt, grime, salt and mud from the exterior body. After that, a pH neutral solution is applied. Make sure the solution does not scratch the paint, but it effectively removes the dirt particles. After that, the surfaces are wiped off with non-abrasive, soft brushes and piece of cloth. Most of the facilities also offer undercarriage wash at this stage. It will flush out all the salt and dust, which is coming from the body and deposited into the undercarriage. Don’t forget to ask your service provider about what services he is offering under the tag of basic wash.

How they are cleaning wheels?

Most of the service stations perform detail wheel treatment in the basic wash area. Tires always become super dirty, as they are in direct contact with the road. I am calling them super dirty, as they don’t get dirty with dust on the tracks, they also become muddy due to super-heated semi-metallic brake dust coming from the brake pads. This dust infuses with the clear coat finish of the wheels and stains it permanently. Common solutions don’t work on it; the only way to restore the shine of wheels that have been exposed to this dreadful material is to sandblast, repaint and recoat the surfaces. In order to protect them in future, service centers also use a special product called Wheel Shield, which is capable of repelling 60% of the brake dust along with corrosive road chemicals like magnesium chloride, liquid sodium, and rock salt.

How they preserve the base color?

Once the vehicle is thoroughly treated, the next step is to take care of the shine of the base paint. A clear coat protector is thoroughly applied all over the body to protect it from UV rays, excess of moisture, oxidation, and sunlight. After this coat, a sealer is also rubbed to fix the coat. If a vendor asks you to replace this coat with wax; your answer will be no. As wax only gives a temporary shine and unable to provide any kind of protection against harmful UV rays. You may either pay extra money to the service provider or buy to apply the product yourself.

How they protect vehicles from rust?

After cleaning and coating with protective solutions, it becomes necessary to take some necessary steps to make it rust resistant. Rusting is unavoidable, you can’t assure rust resistance with regular tidying. Unless you make some purposeful efforts to protect metallic bodies. Genuine rust proofing is costly to service it involves an application of special solutions, oils, wax and rust paint over the surfaces that are prone to catch rust. Don’t forget to ask your car wash service station about what kind of products they are using to make them resistant to rust.

Do they offer any service warranty?

If you are standing at an authorized and reputed car wash in Dubai, you will definitely get a service warranty for a minimum of five days. Spend some time in research to find a reliable service provider to gain quality maintenance services under one roof.

Summary: Regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary to maintain the condition of a vehicle; all you need to do is to select a suitable service provider offering quality car detailing services in your city.

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