lower back pain
lower back pain

Our lifestyles have become exceedingly hectic and draining. In the constant run to meet the official and domestic commitments, we all are guilty of ignoring our health and fitness. In never-ending efforts of achieving success, we fail to take good care of our well-being. Our daily activities essentially include spending endless hours in front of the computer (and that too, in the wrong posture), driving, sitting constantly without enough breaks, lifting something heavy, so on and so forth. And, at the end of the hectic day, we again spend long hours in front of computer screens and being glued to the gadget screens in the name of entertainment.

With subscriptions to ISPs such as optimum internet pricing in every modern household, Netflix and browsing social media is the biggest entertainment at the end of the day. Hence, all our activities involve postures and positions, which are increasingly harmful to our back and lower back. No wonder people from all generational groupings and youngsters, in particular, are complaining about backaches.

If you are experiencing and dreading back pain, we are going to enlighten you about seven easy and effective ways to reduce it.

Hot and Cold Therapy

One of the easiest ways to get rid of lower back pain readily is to apply ice packs on your affected area in the lower back. It cures the pain and treats the joints. Ice acts as an agent that lowers the muscles’ inflammation and eases out the painful strains by lowering nerve impulses. Once you are done with cold therapy, just give a few hours gap and then switch the ice packs with heating wraps. This heat will invigorate the blood flow process in the lower back and will essentially inhibit the pain. This method is quite effective and chances are that it will cure your pain. However, if the pain persists, then see a doctor.

Ample Sleep

Getting adequate sleep is essential for the normal functioning of the body. Sleeping at least 6 to 7 hours a day is essentially vital for a healthy body. It is also particularly important for the healthy functioning of the joints. Sleeping inadequately can aggravate the lower back pains over time and can make them acute. Getting enough sleep affects the body’s cell regeneration process, recovers the strain in the back and muscles, helps to keep the immune system intact, and so on. Getting ample sleep can ease away the stress that accumulates throughout the day on the mind and on the joints too.


Although it is a much underrated activity, it is highly effective. If you start stretching every day, it will essentially improve the condition of your back and joints. Stretching works the hamstrings and quads in a way that they relieve the spasms and tensions of the body. You can easily search online the best body stretching moves and add them to your morning routine. Even if you are not suffering from back pain currently, you should start stretching. It will keep your body and bones healthy and well-functioning.

Pain-Relieving Foods

Do you know that some foods relieve the pain? Well, yes that’s true. Consuming nourishing and wholesome foods will aid in keeping away a backache. Add such foods in your diet, which reduce inflammation and provide essential minerals and vitamins. They will heal and repair your body. Vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and kale are known for their invigorating and anti-inflammatory properties. Some spices such as turmeric and cinnamon also heal the internal body pains. Some other suggestions are nuts, sweet potatoes, watermelon, and beets. Add them to your daily diet and you will witness your pain melting away.

Move Your Body

Our daily routines essentially include long hours in front of the computer screens at work and at home. It is perhaps the biggest culprit in aggravating that excruciating backache, which further aggravates over time. Make sure that you take frequent breaks from your desk. Walking a little and stretching your arms will improve blood circulation too.


For people who suffer from a backache, a proper workout regimen is very important. Whether you prefer Yoga or Pilates, you need to have some sort of workout routine that involves some nice stretching moves to ease your back pain. Exercise not only improves the condition of your back but also strengthens it. Here are some of the suggestions that you can indulge in, even if you don’t hit the gym or take out a whole hour to workout. You can just start your day with sit-ups, toe touches, pelvic tilts, and planks. They will strengthen your body and improve the alignment of the spine, hence making your posture sublime. Make sure you don’t indulge in exercises that put a lot of strain on the back. They will make your situation worse instead.


One of the oldest and natural methods of getting rid of any pain is a message. It substantially lowers the muscle strain and heals naturally. If you can, get a back massage from an expert and tell them about the affected area. It will rejuvenate the stressed muscles, reduce inflammation, and improve blood circulation.

Last but not least, make a conscious effort to improve your sitting posture. The modern entertainment means revolve around TV and gadgets and hence, you keep sitting for the longest hours. With subscriptions to TV and internet bundles such as spectrum tv select channels and internet deals, everyone spends some time enjoying their preferred entertainment mode. You just have to be careful about your sitting posture. Keep it straight and sublime. Also, incorporate the aforementioned steps and habits into your daily lifestyle and get healthy bones, joints, and posture.

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