outdoor lighting ideas

Be it summers or winters, spending some time outdoors is something everyone loves to do. The best way to utilize the outdoor space is to make it accessible at night using some outdoor lighting Ideas. Make your home backyard, a cozy and comfortable place for a get-together party, or for just hanging out. Whether your backyard is huge or tiny, proper planning of lighting can enhance any space. There are considerable options to make your outdoor space like a garden, driveway, pathway, and swimming pool, beautiful. Here are seven outdoor lighting ideas that can instantly transform any space into a luxurious space.

1. String Lighting:

String lights are the easiest and most inexpensive way to light up your backyard. They come in different lengths and colors. You can hang them around window frames, walls, or tall trees. Some LED string lights come with flashing cycles through a range of colors that add a party vibe to your backyard. Relaxing in a hammock under string lights gives a cozy feeling instantly.

Make your backyard romantic by wrapping white colored string lights around trees. It looks enchanted from both inside and outside. You can also make chandeliers out of string lights to hang on your porch. If you have a vertical garden in your backyard, then light it up using these glowing lights around your plants.

2. Pendant Lights:

Dining in the backyard during summers or winters is a good pass time. Outdoor dining with the attached kitchen and grill is a necessity. You can have a gorgeous dining space, but, if it is dark with no proper lighting, then it is of no use. To make your outdoor dining experience pleasant, you need to have adequate planning. Outdoor pendant lighting is suitable for the dining area in your backyard, where you need light for a good meal or just talks.

There are two main types of pendant lights, namely the Glass shade pendant lights and the fabric pendant lights. These look elegant, stylish, and attractive. You can hang them above the kitchen island, bar counter, or dining table. Fabric pendants consist of fabrics like hemp, jute, and rattan. You can make your hanging pendant light using reclaimed wood, mason jars, and vanity lights. Spend time researching your favorite outdoor pendant lighting before purchasing.

3. Outdoor Solar Lighting

The best way to start with energy-efficient outdoor lighting Ideas is solar lights. They are easy to install and low-maintenance lights. They have solar cells and are frequently used in pathways, attached to walls, security lights, and lamp posts. They are best if you don’t have a PowerPoint nearby and if the lights are in use for a short duration. The modern solar panels are so powerful that they don’t need direct sunlight.

They charge your lightings for hours and have the power to create virtual daylight at night. If you have a more significant patio or backyard space, then a solar lamp post would be the right choice. Motion sensor solar lights are also available, which are useful to keep intruders away. The best part of using solar lights is you can save money by saving electricity.

4. Outdoor LED Furniture:

Outdoor LED furniture is the coolest thing that you can install in your home. They are plain traditional furnishing made of acrylic material with LED light implanted inside. They are waterproof and hence, safe to use outdoors. Since LED lights don’t heat up, they can be safely used around chairs, sofa, or a cocktail table.

The lit LED from inside glows beautifully, and you can set the mood with a different setting like strobe, smooth, fade, or flash. This LED furniture can spice up any party event at your place. Even without lights, they blend well with your designer arrangement, as the exterior is bright white.

5. Underwater Lighting Effects:

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, then it must be accessible 24 x 7. Show off your garden fountains, ponds, and swimming pool with underwater lightings. These lightings are waterproof, battery-driven, and are submersible in water creating a fantastic effect at night. You can bring life to the water feature by installing solar lights on spikes. These lightings are available in various sizes, colors, and brightness levels.

6. Path Lights:

Path lights are the most common kind of lighting. You can place these built-in lights on either side of the walkway, driveway, or around the ponds. Don’t overuse these fixtures as it will look over-lit and feels cluttered. Placing these lights to highlight a feature of your outdoor spacing gives an inviting feel to your guests. If your backyard has a patio or a raised deck, then use step lights to highlight these areas. These lights keep you safe for walking at night. You can add step or deck lights under the stair treads.

7. Flood Lights:

Floodlights are high-intensity artificial lights to create a uniform flow of light in an area. The light is so intense that it feels just like daylight. You can use this light for lighting up a large wall or a sports court area. To cast a soft glow over the area, place it between the main vantage point and the surface.


The above outdoor lighting ideas are just a few of the several designs for lighting your home and workspace. You must use your imagination to mix and match with these lighting ideas. Make sure that you do not over-crowd the lighting. Analyze the backyard before purchasing any lights. Imagine how it would look at night. And only after that, buy the lights for your backyard. I hope you transform your backyard with these ideas.