phone tracker
phone tracker

We provide smartphones to kids for using the internet for studies. However, as we know, the internet consists of good as well as bad sites. Some sites consist of pornographic contents that can be harmful to them. Parents are often tensed about their kids’ safety as the case of kidnapping, and child trafficking is increasing day by day. Criminally minded people kidnap children for extortion and money.

phone tracker

Parents are concerned about their security, especially when returning from their school, colleges, or coaching classes. That is why it becomes crucial to take a step to avoid such mishappenings that can be a great risk of their life. Using parental control apps can be the best solution for ensuring the safety and security of kids. FamiSafe is the best android parental control, which is also a phone tracker application.

What makes FamiSafe different from others?

  • Easy to install and use: – FamiSafe application is very light and consumes less space on our kid’s phone. This application can work in stealth mode so that it becomes undetectable on a kid’s device. They will hardly notice the spying activity on their smartphone’s FamiSafe can work on Android and iPhone platforms. The user interface of Famisafe is simple and easy to operate.
  • Efficient location tracking: – Tracking any targeted device is effortless using the FamiSafe application. This phone tracker uses a real-time GPS tracking system for finding the exact location of any android or iPhone effectively. The information is reliable and trustworthy. They can also be used before the court of law as evidence or a document of proof. It is because of this reason; many private detective agencies use FamiSafe application for tracking the location of suspicious people.
  • Block bad sites: – Some websites consist of nude images and pornographic contents. They can be harmful to a child’s psychology and spoil their innocent mind. Pornographic sites are addictive, and hence we should restrict them remotely using the FamiSafe app. Not only this, can we block illegal sites like gambling or betting sites as well.
  • Restrict time-consuming games on the kid’s phone:- Kids love to play games on their smartphones. There are various types of games that they can download and play free of cost. These games can consume valuable study time and can hamper their studies. That is why it is good to restrict these time-consuming gaming apps remotely to devote more time to studies.
  • Check messages on kids’ phones:- Kids make friends quickly on social media. They often chat with random girls on dating sites and share images that can be used for blackmailing purposes. To avoid such circumstances, we should spy on our kid’s phone by checking their instant text messages, or SMS, messages on messenger application.
  • Block dangerous people:- Many times; our kids get unsolicited calls from unkno0wn persons who can be threatening or blackmailing them. We can stop these people from disturbing our innocent kids using the FamiSafe application.

FamiSafe application is the best android parental control that is available free of cost. Parents concerned about their kid’s security can secretly install this application on their kid’s phone. This application works in undetectable mode and is efficient in restricting bad sites on the kid’s phone from a remote device. This app can be useful when our phone is stolen as it uses real-time GPS tracking for finding the exact location of any targeted device, whether it is an android phone or iPhone. The user interface is very simple and easy to perform operations like android location tracking, restricting apps that are harmful to kids, checking messages on kids’ phones, or grant access to good sites.

The application’s size is less compared to other parental control apps, which consume less space on a kid’s phone, making extra space for other applications. We can also listen to our kids’ call recordings and know whether the person they are communicating with does not have the wrong intension in mind.

The application is also useful for those parents who are wealthy businessmen and get threatening calls from kidnappers. They can ensure their kids’ safety using the FamiSafe app by tracking their real-time location when they are returning home from school. This android tracking app is available in the play store without any cost. Imposing restrictions on bad sites or applications that can be harmful to kids’ innocent minds can easily be done using the FamiSafe app. Download this application now to secure your child from any potential threats.