Alcohol Dependency
Alcohol Dependency

Recent research has found that the number of alcoholism in women is increasing day-by-day around the world. The number is very high in the countries like the US. alcohol dependency in Women, not only creates an unhealthy condition for their kids, but also becomes a stain for the family, society culture, and even the nation. A woman’s body goes through various changes throughout their lives, thus, it should be free from any kind of drug abuse or chemicals.

Causes and circumstances:

There are many causes and circumstances of alcoholism and at times, it is very multifaceted when comes to a woman. The reasons can be many. The cause relates to environmental factors, if the surrounded weather is very cold, the women can have a habit of frequent alcohol intake. Some factors also relate to physical appearance and skin color. A study has alcohol dependency in women observed and mentioned that the women who are black may have a high risk of alcohol abuse and dependency.

Women who are manual workers can also have a high intake of alcohol, however, there are also women who maintain a good social and economical level and suffer from alcoholism. These kinds of alcoholism can be due to their excessive aggressiveness. Alcoholism can also be genetic, if the mother has a habit of alcohol intake, the daughter can also be affected. The girl child, who suffer from physical, mental, or sexual abuse or are forced to be into prostitution or is suffering from anxiety, surely become alcohol abusers when they grow. The reason can be their mental stress or their feeling of mistreatment. Some of the family intolerant troubles like frequent quarrels with family, an unbalanced married life, any economical problem can also be a great reason for alcoholism.

A critical issue of alcoholism is related to a vast section of the society, which in one word is known as ‘poor’. Poverty is a great cause of illiteracy among many women. Thus, they do not have an understanding, what can be the serious results of this sickness. Alcoholism can also occur due to hormonal changes, especially in the case of menopause. A condition of menopause, the woman faces serious depression due to the changes of her physical changes and civic relations and this can lead her to alcohol intake.

Results of Alcohol abuse in women:

Alcohol intake cannot be a solution for any kind of mental or physical problem, however, it can create many complications. A female who has a frequent habit of alcohol intake can suffer from early and inexplicable menopause, which can further lead to cancerous conditions related to the uterus, abdomen, and liver. Researchers say that there are 80 to 90 percent cases of cancer-related to liver and cervix, due to premature menopause. The other type of cancer that is well known among many women is breast cancer. Breast cancer is a significant conclusion of alcoholism.

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Women can also suffer from a significant loss of calcium, vitamins, and many required minerals due to the habit of alcoholism. The harmful toxins of alcohol can also damage the cells around the cervix or uterus and can result in infertility. alcohol dependency in Women can also affect the brain and cause many kinds of diseases related to the brain and loss of memory and more unconsciousness. If a woman is pregnant and has a high intake of alcohol, it can surely affect the child. Her baby can be born with several physical and mental disabilities. Alcoholism can also lead weaken the immune system and lead to Tuberculosis and HIV infection.

Treatments and medications:

Treatment for alcoholism is not only a package of some medicines. It also adjoins support from the family, treatments from the physiologists, appropriate counseling from the medical experts, initiative from the support groups, and above all, education and a knowledge of human rights. The treatment starts with the drug prescriptions for alcohol withdrawal. Medicines that are mainly prescribed for the treatment are ‘Diazepam or Valium’ and ‘chlordiazepoxide or Librium’. It can also be an oral intake of ‘lorazepam or Ativan’ and/or ‘Disulfiram’.

These can be given through injections also. The next method includes the detoxification process, in which the harmful toxins are taken out of the body. As the toxins are taken out of the body, the physicians keep the patient under support therapy to make her strong and keep away from alcohol. There are also medicines named as ‘naltrexone or ReVia’ and ‘Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors’. The support groups provide a profound hold up to the patient to give up alcohol, to have normal and civic behavior, and build up a strong personality. Another treatment to Treat alcohol dependency in Women should adjoin education, self –employment, and knowledge of human rights. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism or NIAAA has recommended the support initiative of AA or Alcoholics Anonymous. It is a ground where the affected people join hands together and find a way to solve their problems without the support of alcohol.

Some important Conferences:

The year 2010, has many important conferences to share the facts and related knowledge about alcoholism in women. In this regard, in Kentucky, the 2010 AHSR or Addiction Health Services Research Conference will be organized, which will incorporate many healthcare experts, socio-political leaders, and other policymakers to find new ways in combating the situation. A Joint Meeting on Adolescent Treatment Effectiveness or JMATE in December 2010 in the US also is a thoughtful initiative. The SPR or Society for Prevention Research, US, will also have debates and discussions on the subject at its 19th Annual Meeting, says a resource.