eLearning is broadly defined as the process where you use various electronic technologies to understand the educational curriculum by shifting out of the traditional classroom system. Some institutes use various tools of eLearning to design courses, degrees, or programs which can be taught to the students online. You can log in to the educational institutes’ online portal and attend your class right from home. You will receive formal training just through the various electronic resources.

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If you opt for organizing courses through Learning, then you must know that content is a crucial part of your business. If your content on your webpage does not attract the audience, then people will definitely not sign up for it. Therefore, you must use different types of online authoring tools to create websites that can catch the attention of the viewers. If you are an expert enough, you can yourself create them by using the eLearning content development tools or you can hire the services of the professionals.

Some of the best authoring tools which are currently high in demand are discussed below.

  1. Designing Tools: This special designing tool was launched in 2017 especially for developing content for eLearning from an end-to-end by making it compatible with any device. You can design high profile graphics which can grab the attention of your viewers and go effortlessly from creating responsive eLearning designs to storyboarding.
  2. Authoring tool: There are multiple authoring tools available on the internet which can help you develop your content by making the process faster. You can now bid goodbye to your old desktop tools and welcome these new authoring tools which can help you to deal with high volumes of work all at once. These cloud-based tools work on all types of browsers across all types of device platforms and are used by famous organizations worldwide. These tools will help you to create, measure, and manage modern days’ eLearning processes.
  3. Cloud-based authoring tool: These tools help you to create content that you can share and re-learn on practically any device available. They provide a wide variety of games and resources which will help you to create dynamic content that is attractive and can help your students to remain engaged while they are completing their courses. These free web design tools break the monotony of the formal education system which seems strenuous and boring for many learners.
  4. Intuitive Tool: Intuitive tools can be used to create eLearning content through HTML codes. These tools are however majorly used by professionals where they can completely control the entire process of creating the course until presenting it efficiently. Computer developers who are involved in creating these intuitive tools easily integrate TinCan, SCROM, a variety of LMS platforms, and Adapt Framework to make this tool widely effective for its users.
  5. Dialogue Simulator: This tool is majorly used for practicing communication skills. You can create dialogues by using this tool with voice-overs that can easily imitate some real-life conversations that you do on a daily basis. You can either select characters and backgrounds from the available themes or you can create your own.