gifts for hikers

Camping, hiking, and biking are three pastimes that go together great. Buy your friend or loved one camping or gifts for hikers and you’re sure to give them something that they’ll use over and over again. Here’s a look at 2022’s best gifts for hikers and camping enthusiasts so that you never run out of inspiration.

Roof Rack System

A roof rack system is a must-have for anyone that goes camping. It fits any vehicle from any year, always looking great while supplying practical support and mountings. Roof rack Sydney manufacturers have some of the best quality roof racks available. The slim, lightweight design looks far superior to most conventional roof racks. The entire design is customizable featuring removable components that are also replaceable in case of damage.

Motorcycle Accessories

If your friend or family member does any form of dirt biking, then consider buying them sought-after motorcycle accessories or a component first. Go for an engine case cover, frame guard, chain guard, bash plate, or an oil cooler guard, and you’ll gift something that’ll forever be valued. You may want to take them with to make sure that you get the right gifts for hikers, but you can never go wrong with bike gear.

Tough Light Solar Lantern

A rugged rechargeable solar lantern is perfect for anyone that spends much time outdoors. Giving 16.6 nights of light off a single charge this is a long-lasting lamp. You’ll love the way some of the best quality lanterns hold the charge for up to nine months when not in use. They can even give 400 lumens of light and is totally waterproof, excellent gifts for hikers.

Heavy Duty Multitool

Get yourself a reliable stainless steel multitool which will last you a lifetime. This is the type of gifts for hikers that every enthusiast would love to have but most seldom overlook the purchase. Look for toolkits that include more than 20 tools and only require one hand to be used. Practical, functional, and packed with value, you won’t need scissors, wire cutters, or a screwdriver when you’ve got a good multitool set.

Powerbank Portable Charger

A power bank personal charger is so handy that you may want to carry two or more with you depending on the number of devices you own. This gift will come in handy during camping and on the road, granting outstanding utility value to anyone who owns one. A good quality power bank charges a smartphone up to six times and a tablet twice before it needs recharging.

Waterproof Pocket Blanket

Doubling as a ground cover, a waterproof pocket blanket is convenient. It fits into such a small amount of space that we recommend that every member of the family takes one with extra protection against the elements. Consider gifting one or two to a friend who loves camping. They’re undoubtedly affordable enough.

Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

Once you’ve carried all your gear in a hiking backpack with an internal frame, you’ll never lug your stuff around in any other way. It makes moving even the heaviest equipment effortless and is nearly essential to anyone that wants to spend more than a day trip out on the trail.

Ultra Bright Headlamp

Speak to anyone who camps frequently, and they’ll soon tell you just how handy a headlamp actually is. You don’t get better than the 6000 lumens of brightness from some of the best options available on the market. Rechargeable, comfortable, waterproof, and stylish, you even get four different light settings, and the light can rotate up to 90-degrees.

Survival Fire Starter

An all-weather fire starter is a gifts for hikers that are all too often overlooked. Buy a friend or loved one a tool that has a compass and safety whistle also. Some of the best fire starters give 15,000 uses, lets you start a fire no matter how bad the weather. The whistle puts out a deafening 150 decibels, and there’s no quicker way to spark a flame outdoors.

Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

Instead of carrying around countless coils and sprays, get yourself or a friend a set of mosquito repellent bracelets. A 12-pack makes sure that there is always a bracelet ready to keep the bugs from bugging you. Just put on a band and look forward to around 350 hours of protection from mosquitoes. They won’t come near you.

Solar Charging Array

A solar charging array is the type of gift that is so handy that you’ll be astounded over and over again by just how much you use it. This array will make sure that all your phones, tablets, and tablets are fully charged. It’s excellent for extended camping trips, large families, or those who are utterly devoted to their technology.

Camping Hammock

Everyone loves a hammock, especially one that lasts through anything you put it through. 210D Parachute nylon guarantees the best tear-resistance and support. It’s the same quality that you get from skydiving equipment giving you a purchase that’ll last even the most frequent campers years.

Monocular Telescope

A monocular telescope is highly portable and is extremely useful for anyone who spends time outdoors. With 12×50 high power magnification with the brightest most vivid display around, the picture quality is astounding. It even comes with a smartphone holder supporting quick alignment which allows you to magnify and shoot images from vast distances away using a standard cell phone.

Portable Stove

A Propane Stove is one of the handiest means of cooking outdoors without a campfire. Its great design lets you fit a 12-inch and a 10-inch pan on at the same time. Chrome-plating makes cleaning easy while heat dispersion technology incorporated by trusted brands guarantees consistent heat even in the worst conditions.

Shower Bag

A good shower bag is the most convenient way to wash while out in nature. It is solar charged by a large reflector panel. A good solar shower bag is packed with nifty features and provides close to five gallons of hot water. An extra-large filling valve keeps things easy while velcro straps are readily available for washcloths.

Folding Shovel

A durable folding shovel is a gift that will be used for many years to come. The versatility around a campsite is unquestionable so make sure that you pick something like this which has a military-grade composition.

If your friend, family member or significant other loves off-road biking, then make sure to consider a gifts for hikers like a protective plate for their Suzuki SV650 or other dual sportbikes. No matter what you pick from this list, you are sure to have a practical present that’ll make hiking, camping, or both much more comfortable.

Reusable Foldable Wine and Whiskey Bag

How is the camping complete if you’re not carrying a bottle of the angry orchard with you?

One of the best camping gift ideas for couples and singles is a foldable Alcohol Bag. These bags are perfect for saving an extra weight on a hike where you might want to add a little romance at the end of the day.