Business Cards Printing

If you’re a business owner, you’ve definitely thought about getting business cards printing for your business. They are necessary and give that personal touch to what you do. Auraprint’s new range of business cards have been creating some buzz and I decided to try it out.

The range and flexibility is impressive.

You can choose from an outline of Painted Edges, Conqueror, Colorplan, Doublethick, Matt, Magnetic and so much more. Showing a business cards printing range with categories of paper stock from standard to luxurious, the company also provides a business card maker service which allows you upload your artwork and reflect it on the proposed business cards or simply order personalized business cards with the assistance of an in-house designer.

Pricing and Starting Up

I tried Auraprint’s business cards printing range out of a need to test its card printing and design abilities. The company does come with a lot of reputation as having one of the largest ranges of cards and paper types in the USA and UK. Prices range start from a minimum list price of £24.95 for card designs like the plastic business cards and the folded business cards.

This gets you 250 cards. Pricing per unit of course goes up the more copies you order for. The Spot UV Gloss Business Cards go for about £56.95 for a pack of 250 cards and the Metallic Foil and Die Cut business cards will set you back £24.95 for the same pack of 250 cards. Depending on the paper type and texture as well as designing options, you can also get the Spot UV cards for £24.95 as well. Auraprint also offers a sample pack of their business cards for £1.95.

Designing Your Business Card


Auraprint’s business card maker gives you control over the end result and your specific vision for your cards. The card maker interface was really easy to use. When configuring your options, your customer product design is practically categorized by Basics and Finishing.

  • The Basics

Under Basics, you can choose an orientation/shape; that is if you want the cards in squares or rectangles. You can also pick the design for the sides and the paper type. There are paper types of Silk, Uncoated, Recycled, Kraft, Conqueror, Colorplan, Colorcue, Magnetic, Nevertear and Pearlescent. Also under the basics, you can pick a color for the cards as well as paper thickness and paper weight. With respect to paper weight, Auraprint offers three main options depending on the paper type:  350gsm, 400gsm and 700gsm. Auraprint does not provide a wide enough color range though and there are some shades of your personal design that may not find corresponding color matches on the options they offer.

  • Finishing

Under finishing, this is where you get to decide whether or not you want the cards laminated, perforated or if they should have rounded corners. Lamination options range from Matt to Front, Matt to Both Sides, Glass to Front, Glass to Both Sides, Soft Touch to Front or to Both Sides. The Spot UV Gloss range also come with the additional option of Spot UV Gloss lamination. You can also choose to leave the edges painted or just plain. I think this is what makes the card maker feature quite impressive. The ability to get most of the details of the cards sorted out in flexible options from the comfort of your computer and then have them delivered.

  • Uploading artwork designs.

With respect to the artwork on the cards, there is the option of uploading an artwork you have already worked on which will be incorporated into the card design or you can supply Auraprint with a brief of the details you want included and let them design. If you decide to go the route of uploading artwork, there is no option on the customizing page to allow you use images from your Facebook or Instagram accounts or just upload them from your phone or PC which some other business cards printing companies provide. You can only explore this option by emailing your design to the company. You should note though that deciding to let Auraprint design the cards shoots up the pricing by about £20. After this, you select the number of copies you need and confirm the corresponding pricing before placing your order.

Order and Delivery

After placing your order, you have the option of editing your order particulars before checkout is confirmed. You are given an analysis of all details of the order you have made and the pricing. You will also get shipping estimates and tax deductions depending on your location. The whole process took me just minutes. Delivery was made within four business after I placed the order which was really impressive.

An Excellent Business Card Design and Printing Service.

Out of all the business card printing services I tried, Auraprint impressed me the most. The paperstock range and print quality is definitely amongst the top range of business card services you can ever use in the UK and US.

Even with the limitation of personal design options, the printing is still incredibly sharp and logo colors are richly textured. My personal design artwork came out exactly as I imagined it and I’m not surprised Auraprint gets all the buzz it gets.