car insurance companies
car insurance companies

There was a time when people bought car insurance from the same insurance agent that their parents had done business with, and likely their grandparents before that. A small town might only have one or two car insurance companies located in it and when a person needed car insurance quotes, they called those local companies.

Then the phone directories started to offer people the opportunity to call first month free car insurance agents located in other towns close to them. Finally, technology gave us access to the internet, and thus the car insurance first month free no depositsoon was to be found online instead of locally.

When you buy from car insurance companies that sell their product from brick and mortar locations in your town you are going to pay slightly higher premiums than if you buy the same amount of coverage from car insurance companies that sell their product online.

Is The Cheapest Car Insurance Companies Sold Online?

Brick and Mortar Stores Have to Pay Rent on Their Store Locations

They pay electric bills, water bills, and gas bills to keep those store fronts warm, cool, and functioning. They have office supplies, employee wages, cleaning supplies, and property taxes to consider. They have to charge their customers more money than the online first month free car insurance companies have to charge.

Online companies do not have to have a brick and mortar building that has large banks of filing cabinets, waiting room chairs, break rooms, bathrooms, property taxes, and all of the other office trappings. Zero down car insurance companies can offer lower rates because the amount they have to spend each month to stay in operation is less than the amount a brick and mortar storefront company pays.

There are some positive benefits from buying you insurance from a local company. These benefits include:

  • Having a local agent that can call you by name
  • Being able to have your agent quickly respond to your claim. Possibly the agent could come see the damage before the car is towed away from the scene of an accident.
  • Being able to call the agent to have cars added or dropped easily

There are also benefits to buying your car insurance online. Some of these benefits include:

  • Lower priced coverage due to lower overhead cost
  • The ability to shop for insurance at your convenience instead of when the offices are open
  • Being able to email a picture of your accident to your agent and get a response instead of waiting for the agent to come see the vehicle
  • Not having to leave your home to go pay the car insurance premium
  • Being able to easily add cars, or take cars off of your policy by going online to your account page
  • Being able to customize your insurance to make the package fit your needs. If you want full coverage insurance but not coverage in a foreign country you can make the policy reflect that
  • Being able to print a new copy of your insurance card if you lose your old one

Car insurance in Michigan is an absolute necessity and must be valid before one can sit behind the steering wheel. Third party personal injury cover is at least required in any car insurance policy. An insurance cover acts as a protection against any financial liability that may arise out of an accident resulting in injury to the driver, fellow passengers and people on the road.  A better coverage is available if the vehicle is also included in the policy providing first month free car insurance.

An Insurance Certificate Is a legal Document

In the unforeseen event of an accident, the insurance company will stand by to provide for the financial coverage to all the affected parties. Third party cover is the basic legal requirement for any policy describing the nature of Car insurance in Michigan.

It must be kept in mind that a third-party insurance cover does not in any way provide any financial relief to you in the event of a car accident over here. Most insurance policies providing for Car insurance in Michigan also offers additional coverage. They provide for theft and fire insurance along with the main insurance policy.

Theft and fire insurance cover the driver too and in a way takes off a financial burden from the driver in the event of a fire or his car being stolen.

However, the best insurance policy would be a comprehensive insurance policy that covers the car, the driver, the passengers and those on the road in the event of an accident. Car repairs are reimbursed, medical bills in the unfortunate event of a personal injury to the driver and the other occupants are well covered.

In fact, some of the insurance companies go a lot further with added benefits to make a comprehensive insurance policy more attractive.

Apart from the usual no claim bonus that reduces premium amounts for succeeding years, some comprehensive policies providing for Car insurance in Michigan also include added benefits.

These include providing for an alternative car while your damaged car is in the workshop for repairs, towing your car from the place of the accident to the garage, assistance in completing documentation formalities for legal expenses, roadside recovery and normal vehicle repairs during breakdowns. As always, it is advisable to refer to the internet and obtain no deposit car insurance before deciding on any car insurance company from insurance providers.