PNR number is a key aspect your entire journey rotates around. IRCTC provides passengers with the facility to check the PNR status online but the concern is that the official portal becomes bulkier at times and makes the entire process a hassle. Several apps and websites help passengers to check their railway booking status with quick reporting time.

The mobile apps or websites to check the railway booking status and accessing Indian Railway trains information are secure and trusted resources, some even partnered with IRCTC. The procedure to access any information related to Indian Railways using apps or websites is simple and doesn’t demand any sort of technical expertise.

Check your PNR Status on Smartphone, Laptop, or Desktop:

The majority of mobile applications to check PNR status are available free and can be downloaded on any smartphones.

Alternatively, you can check your PNR status on Indian Railway’s partner websites. As a visitor, you may need to create an account on several websites for booking the railway ticket; however, you may use the same credentials to check the current status of your booking.

One helpful feature of using railway mobile apps is that you do not need to sign in every time you visit the app as your username and password details are auto-saved.

Helpful Information!

It is important to note that after the passenger confirms payment of the railway ticket, IRCTC shares an SMS on the registered mobile number confirming booking details and running the schedule of the train.

The message includes information about:

  • PNR number
  • Train code
  • Date of journey
  • Type of reservation such as chair car, first-class, second AC, etc.
  • Source and destination junctions
  • Departure time
  • Seat number
  • Fare details

Apart from checking train PNR status, the mobile apps and websites allow accessing information about train route, coach layout, live station, order food in train, fare calculator searches flight options.

For getting started with railway mobile apps, open Google Play Store, and install any desired mobile app that is programmed to check the PNR status. Once the app enlists in the list of search results, click on it, and then click on Install.

Any Android smartphone with standard specifications will be able to run the railway booking and PNR apps.

Ready to Go! Check your Railway PNR Status in 3 Simple Steps:

The homepage of the railway mobile application or websites will display all or some of the four principle options among:

  • Book Train Ticket
  • Check PNR
  • Seat Availability
  • Running Status

Step 1: Click on the Check PNR option if you want to check your current PNR status.

Step 2: Next, you will need to enter a valid PNR number in the search box available on the next page.

Step 3: After entering the PNR number click on the Search icon. The updated status of the PNR will be displayed on your phone screen.

Some advanced applications will ask to load trips automatically from IRCTC SMS. Prior to uploading the PNR number from the most recent message received from IRCTC, the app will seek your permission to do so. Click on OK if you wish to grant permission to the application to gain access to the messages, else click the back button on device.