girls boarding schools
girls boarding schools

Boarding schools are a convenient option for children who stay in a nuclear family and where both the parents are working. They get proper care in a boarding school and also they get proper guidance from the teachers who teach there and grow up well.

One can send their daughters to the best CBSE girls boarding schools in Dehradun but before that one has to do some basic research to find the right school for them.

Good boarding schools have some nice and proper infrastructures. They do have a lot of resources and trainers for extracurricular activities. So your child can grow up learning a lot of things. Their learning not only gets restricted to studies but they can do other things like playing sports, attending theatre classes or painting classes, or going for dance and music courses depending on what they love to do.

One needs to check about the non-teaching faculties like the hostel matrons, the security guards, and other people who will be taking care of the children post-school. Boarding schools are residential and so the hostel also is needed to be checked by the parents properly. The parents can have a look at the dormitory facilities the bathrooms, the kitchens, and the canteens before sending their child there. Also, the food quality that is served here is a must check.

Most of the boarding schools have a smaller number of students and so they can get a chance of full-time interaction with their teachers.  Also, the teachers can have a full monitor of each and every student’s physical and mental growth. Also, each and every boarding school has a proper routine that every student needs to follow. They have a set time to go to sleep and wake up and set meal times as well. They also learn to do their daily basic works on their own from a very early age like making their beds and washing their clothes and utensils.

Now, what about the admission tests of a boarding school? Most of the proper boarding schools require the applicants to take at least 2 standardized admission tests. The scores of those tests will confirm the child’s ability to follow the academic course of a boarding school. Also, each boarding school has its own admission standards. So maybe the test score of one school may not be applicable to another school. A parent has to be aware of that.

It is said that the best age to send a child to a boarding school is at a very early age like when they are 5 to 6 years old. By going there at this age, it becomes easy for them to adapt to the boarding life and regulations easily.

One can also find boys boarding school Dehradun by making proper research online. There are many schools available and one has to shortlist among the options available. Then after making extensive research one can finalize a school for their child and send them there.

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