Circupack system, a way to improve drug dosage
Circupack system, a way to improve drug dosage

Circupack is a drug dosage system, an effective pills dispenser. It can help pharmacies to dispense more quickly and efficiently the medication required by each patient. The system has a very intuitive use for both parties, so its implementation is straightforward and effective.

By having a dosage verification system, it helps to avoid errors at the time of dispensing. The use of this device makes it improve, notably the attention to the public, because it is a universal solution that serves the specific needs of each patient. A pharmacy can avoid errors and save time with the implementation of this tool.

It is also a way to help patients comply with their medication dosage. This takes the pharmacy’s service one step further, taking care of its customers without hindering the care provided. This creates a trusting relationship between the customer and the pharmacy.

It is essential to comply with the medication, according to the instructions given by the doctor. This dosage system is in charge of helping with that. At are all details of this product.

How pharmacies use it

Circupack machine tells the pharmacist the treatment and how it should be dosed. This way, the person will be able to fill the blisters correctly. Each pill will be pre-scanned and counted one by one by the system. When this is done, the blister pack is sealed, and the appropriate label is printed.

The instructions are posted on the screen, so that the pharmacist does not get confused when doing the procedure. It is intuitive and easy to follow.

How patients use it

It has a colour sorting system, depending on the day of the week. This makes it possible for patients to use Circupack intuitively and without any difficulty. For those who want to have precise control, there is an application in the Play Store that reminds the user about the schedule of their medication. Just set the alarm, and it will sound whenever necessary. There is no need to remember the dose because the device will already take care of that.

This is a way of ensuring patient safety. Treatment will have the right effect as long as instructions are followed, but this is not always the case due to lack of attention or discipline. Is a system that makes the use of medications safe and efficient. It is easy to implement and to follow instructions. Even older people will be able to use this system without any difficulty, and with the benefit of not having to worry about their medication doses.