Heart Disease

If you think that men are the only leaders in heart diseases and infections, you are completely wrong. In the current status of heart diseases around the world, Coronary heart disease in women is more.

Many researchers have found that the occurrence of heart diseases is increasing in countries like the US, American regions, China, Japan, Australia, and has killed several women, especially those who are older.

The 20th Century found more number of Coronary Heart Disease or CHD. The 21st Century has added more number of cancers and another sort of illness related to women heart. Here we will try to focus on some of the causes and precautions for CHD and heart attacks.

Causes of CHD diseases:-

Many factors can contribute to the numerous risk factors of Coronary heart disease in women. Some of the Causes of Coronary Heart Disease are related to the genes of the family. However, some of the normal issues include a high level of cholesterol, blood pressure and excessive fatness.

The level of sugar is also a huge cause of infection. The body metabolism, like fat around the stomach or abdomen, greatly impacts the women’s health. The other reason is smoking. Women, who have a habit of smoking frequently or has a habit of drinking alcohol constantly, can easily develop heart disease symptoms.

If women bear a low level of estrogen, especially after menopause, they can have Cardiovascular disease.

How is the age factor?

Earlier, age was a great factor for a heart infection or heart disease in women. However, currently, the situation has changed. The changing mode of environment, the air and water pollution and an increased and modern lifestyle have also affected several teenagers and young women to suffer from heart disease.

Heart Diseases have become a significant cause of death among females between the ages of twenty-four to forty-four.

Depression and Coronary heart disease:-

In women, depression is very chronic and more than in men. Depression in women is very common and has a great negative impact on their daily life.

This always led to many obstacles in maintaining a balanced diet routine and taking all recommended medications. Who can treat depression only through a proper self-assessment?

Symptoms and Signs:-

Several heart infections occur without any primary indications. Some the diseases like Coronary Heart diseases, which occur in several women, can show symptoms early. 

Symptoms of heart disease in women include chest pain in the initial stage. Medical experts have recognized two segments of chest pain. First is the Atypical Chest pain, and the other is Typical chest pain.

The Atypical chest pain occurs for some times and then vanishes with precaution and medication with rest. The pain usually comes in the left side of the chest, abdomen area, left arm and back.

This type of chest pain is very common and widespread. The patient who suffers from this kind of pain is given doses of nitroglycerin. The other segment Typical chest pain is a severe form. This pain leaves the patient with heaviness on the chest; it looks like someone is pressing very heavily.

The pressure comes under the breastbones. If the patient becomes extremely emotional due to some reason, she can get this pain. The medicine called nitroglycerin is usually given in the treatment. If the pain occurs in adults, it can result in heart attack and fatigue.

Diagnosis and test:-

The woman who suffers from CHD or any other heart infection generally goes through an ECG or Electrocardiogram. The other test includes EBCT or Electron-beam computed tomography.

The EBCT test verifies the level of Calcium between the arteries. The test Echocardiogram is also done. This test is done through an ultrasound; this process clarifies the heartbeats and functions.

In the test of Coronary angiography, the physical experts use an X-ray to examine the blood vessels inside the heart. In this test, a small tube is inserted inside the walls of the heart, and then an X-ray is taken.

In another test process, the patient is asked to walk on an exercise machine, and the physical experts interpret the blood pressure and ECG test. The other tests include Nuclear Scan and Magnetic resonance angiography.


The treatment for Coronary Heart Disease in women is always done as per the signs and symptoms and the other health conditions. The initial stage of heart disease does not show any symptoms.

The treatment includes angioplasty with stenting or the doses of other medicines. The medicines like ACE inhibitors are used to lower blood pressure, antiplatelet medications or blood thinners, medications to lower the heartbeat rate etc. Medications like Nitrates and Diuretics are also used in the treatment.

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Some of the therapies like Coronary radiation implant or coronary brachytherapy is also done in the treatment process. Some treatments also include surgeries. The doses of Vitamin E, Folic Acid and antioxidants are not given in the treatment of CHD.

Precautions for heart disease in women:-

The increasing number of heart diseases have awakened several women and even physicians. Medical experts always suggest avoiding excessive salt intake and having a balanced amount of healthy food items.

Regular exercise is always helpful to reduce the increasing weight and blood pressure. Female of any age should have a proper check-up of heart infections and blood pressure or sugar. Women should not bear any habit of smoking or drinking alcohol.

Some researches:-

Recent research by the North American Menopause Society or NAMS has proven that Hormone Therapy or HT attempts can increase the risk factors of CHD in women. The women who have a history of metabolic syndrome in HT should get a high risk of CHD. However, women without metabolic syndrome will not get the severity.

The Division of Cardiovascular Diseases at the University of Alabama has found the existence of CHD is very high among a large number of American women. Their researches have mentioned that CHD depends on hormonal influences, the level of lipoprotein, and many changes throughout life.

An untreated condition of this sickness can lead to heart attacks, heart failure and even an unexpected death. The Coronary Risk Factors for Atherosclerosis in Women or CORA is another name of the study done by the Department of Epidemiology in German Institute of Human Nutrition studied the plasma resistin levels and the CHD occurrence a woman.