photography trends
photography trends

Photography is all about creativity. Every art is about creativity at the end and it is all about the observation that gets noticed in every art. The moments are all that get captured in photography, colored in painting and shot in a movie. When wedding photography is talked about, it is about capturing the chemistry of couple, the bond they share with each other and of course, it is about love; that has connected them. Through wedding photography, a couple’s story is told, whether it is about their past, present or about some glimpses of the future.

There are a number of auspicious wedding dates in 2019. So some couples officially bloom. For them, if they want to try new photography trends at their wedding, here are they. 

Honeymoon shoot, a new trend: 

Though these are your private moments (don’t shoot arrows of imaginations in clouds!), your honeymoon couples are not hesitating to get it captured. It is a new trend, honeymoon photography. Whatever your location is, whether abroad or in any favorite city of India, you can take your favorite photographer with you, and get captured wherever you want, in any poses you want. Some couples are hiring the local best photographer for their honeymoon shoot. These honeymoon shoot couples are really very interested in getting captured their every moment. Whether it is about wedding, prewedding or honeymoon. They want to cherish all and everything keeping memories for life.

Documentary style wedding photography:

Wedding photography is not about just candid and all. Your wedding photography is all about the ways you want it in whatever style or manner you want it. It is also not about the trend too. If you want your wedding photography totally different in your own way, you can have it. You just need to tell your photographer about your creative ideas. But nowadays a very subtle and black white style is popular, and it is documentary style photography. Documentary style wedding photography is like shooting a documentary movie. So if you want your wedding to be captured in documentary style, tell your photography. It definitely looks a little bit apart and different. And who doesn’t want to be a little bit different and apart!

Use of moody lighting:

We all know that in photography lighting always matters. So with moody lighting and amazing background, and having props, whatever you like, and with your ooh and mooha, you can have your snaps like a fashion model. It is like fashion photography. The right and creative use of lighting can create an awesome atmosphere and background, and can wholly change your wedding photography. So with moody lighting, it is all great, apart and unique.

Everything according to the theme:

The outfits that you wear, the jewelry that uses and the locations abysmally affect the wedding shoot. So you have to select your outfits and jewelry appropriately and in a style you want. It doesn’t mean that you can wear whatever you want to wear. NO, your wedding shoot attires should be according to the theme in which you want the wedding photography. Everything should be according to the theme of your photography. Even tiniest details matter.

Indie photography:

You are tired of clichés of photography. No, no, no… you don’t want this! Okay. You can try cool indie photography for your wedding shoot. They are creative, experimental and unique in their own ways. So if you are a couple of creative zest and connoisseur of art and experiment, this kind of photography is for you.

Hence decide with your love what style you want your photography. Choose from the above styles what you want and make your wedding photography amazing, memorable and fun. And if you are looking for the best wedding photographers in Jaipur, you can hire; the best ones.