Chief HR Officer
Chief HR Officer

Before we talk about the skills required to become a human resources chief officer, why don’t we find out what are the roles and responsibilities of one? It is a known fact that the human resource department is one of the important departments in an organization since it manages an essential part of any organization – people or talent.

Managing talent is not easy as it involves not only recruiting and retaining but also positively engaging employees with constant feedback, training, learning, and development programs. This is where the role of Chief HR officers becomes significant, as he/she is responsible for the field of human resource management.

But first, let’s find out who is a chief of human resources and what are the skills required to become a successful HR chief officer.

Who Is a Chief HR Officer?

As per the definition of a chief HR officer (CHRO) is someone who is a top-level management executive and is responsible for all the employees of an organization.  He/she is responsible for the smooth functioning of human resource management and other HR technology systems.

Now according to the definition of CHRO, let’s quickly understand the responsibilities of chief human resources before moving on to the skills required to become one.

The responsibilities include –

  1. As a CHRO you would be responsible to craft talent acquisition strategies to create strong pipelines for future hiring needs.
  2. You would be responsible for formulating career development plans.
  3. One of the important responsibilities as a CHRO would be to promote inclusion in the workplace and reinforce an organization’s position as an equal opportunity employer.

With these responsibilities in mind, you need to work on the skills to become a CHRO. Below-mentioned is the skills as suggested by the current CHROs.

  1. Decision making based on Data and analytics: You should be able to make decisions based on available data and analytics. The focus should not be on giving the right solutions but on asking the right questions to reach a solution.
  2. Shaping the organization culture: You should be able to build and drive the organizational culture. How? By ensuring that the working styles of the organization’s business leaders are aligned with the goals of the business house.
  3. Figure out the current capabilities of an organization for future strategy: You should be able to find out the gaps between capabilities and fill them up accordingly for future growth.
  4. Be the ‘talent scout’ for an organization: Talent acquisition is a huge problem in the current scenario and as a CHRO you should be able to spot talent pools both internally and externally based on your intuition and insight, which is backed by data and assessment.
  5. Be tech-savvy: The technology is upgrading and updating at a lightning speed and you as a CHRO should stay one step ahead in the technology game. You should be able to use the latest technology for various HR functions.
  6. Ask the right business-specific questions: You should know that there is no one solution for all the problems. So you should ask the right questions to reach the appropriate solutions.

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