Buying a Kitchen Sink

Remodeling takes a massive amount of money and time. Therefore, you should do everything right and make decisions that you’re not going to regret later on. One of the more important choices that you need to know is selecting a sink.

Don’t buy the first one that you see, and instead, be careful because this is a home addition that you’ll use every day. It would be best if you were also durable but aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Here are some tips that can be helpful to you.

1. Choose the Right Materials

Sinks are focal points, and you’re going to likely find yourself washing fruits, preparing food, and cleaning dishes on them. Know that stainless steel is one of the more common and affordable materials that can be right for your home. This material is water-resistant, have antimicrobial properties, and can’t easily be scratched.

Metals are a great choice because they are very easy to clean, and they can look good with a modern décor. You can check a popular brand of kitchen sinks in the link provided and see your options with the top-mount steel that can be ideal for busy chefs. Copper is also good, but it can be vulnerable to dings and dents from sharp and heavy objects.

Enamel that’s coating cast iron has a very high durability, but it might be too heavy for the cabinets underneath the sink. Find various ranges of enameled layers that come in a wide range of styles and colors. However, when the layer of iron gets exposed to the water, it can result in corrosion, so a mild detergent is highly recommended.

Another one worth investing in is a fireclay which is resistant to scratches. However, you might need to reglaze it every once in a while, depending on how frequently you’re using it.

Brass is a combination of zinc and copper, and it’s very attractive because of its properties, like resistance to microbes, natural patina, and elegant appearance. However, you should also expect that it will come with a higher price point than the others. Its appearance may be worn away by chemicals, detergent, and water, so you might need to maintain it by re-sealing it from time to time.

Vitreous China is will be the best choice for those who are into minimalist styles. It’s made of heating glass and applied to enamel, so it’s resistant to stains and chips. Porcelain can be its alternative with the material’s traditional appeal and the ability to withstand hot temperatures. Learn more about porcelain on this page here.

2. Options of Undermount or Drop-In

Options of Undermount or Drop-In

The rims of the undermount are hidden from view, and it’s installed below the whole fixture. It will be very easy to clean the surrounding counters and space with this, and it can add more space if you have a small kitchen. On the other hand, the drop-in variety has visible rims, such as the white ceramics that you can see in the bathroom of some malls.

Hidden metal clips will be used on the drop-in to help the entire fixture to stay in place. This is growing in popularity in some homes because you can install granite or quartz materials, and they will look elegant in your home.

Homeowners may prefer the drop-in type because it’s safer and easier to install. There’s less labor and parts involved, and there’s no need to add more holes for the handles and faucets.

If they were properly set by the pros, the replacement shouldn’t be too difficult. On the other hand, they can be a turn-off for those who are looking for more creativity. The lip can easily get clogged because it would catch grime, food leftovers, and dust. However, they have the best flexibility, so they can be worth the investment.

Undeniable elegance is what’s being offered by an undermount type. It can make the kitchen look tasteful or even boost your home’s market value if you decide to sell it. The rims are hidden, and it’s going to be easier to clean. Read info about the two types when you visit this link:

3. Right Sizes are Important

Larger sinks will mean a costlier purchase, but you may want to be more realistic about your lifestyle. For those who are frequently ordering take-out food, the small sink can be more than enough to watch the plates, cups, and silverware. It can also accommodate various foods and veggies, even if it’s two at a time, but the point is to get what works for you. Farmhouse types in a smaller apartment can look overwhelming, but you should be fine with the standard sizes that are available in many online shops and hardware.

4. Adjustments to the Cabinets

Adjustments to the Cabinets

Installation of the sinks can be easily done when the house is under construction. There will be proper planning, and you’ll know exactly where the front cabinets are going. However, if everything is already installed and you need a replacement, you might want to talk to an expert and see if you can get a slightly bigger or smaller sink than the one that you already have.

Choose the style that will fit and blend in with the décor and avoid a major renovation whenever possible. Make sure that the weight of the metal or porcelain will be accommodated by the existing fixture, and the wooden cabinets should not get too much splash of water when you’re washing so they don’t develop mold and rot.

5. Double Bowl or Single

Everyone wants something spacious, and this is the same with kitchen accessories and additions. When you have the budget to spare, opt for a double bowl, where you can soak the cutlery in soap with the first one and rinse them with the other. Usable spaces are also handy, and it’s going to be perfect for those families who are planning to entertain a lot of guests for the day.

As an alternative, the single one is still going to be handy even without the divider. However, the pans and pots will have to wait until after you’re done with the dishes, so it can take a bit more of your time daily.