Free PDF Editor

The work of PDF documents helps in creating the secured and distributes various PDF documents. Free PDF Editor helps optimize the PDF documents and create actual activities offering the best applications of the solution. PDF gives a great go-tool to ensure all and then view documents, which set the platform to create crucial BYOD and multi-device through cloud storage.

Merges documents into the files

The PDF software features are limited and allow editors to merge the documents with the right strategy to do so. A wide range of embedded tools allows in working with the files for PDF daily. Downloading the trial and error strategy, one needs to follow the free Windows 10 now. 2021 is giving out some of the latest strategies to create wonders in the tech driven world.

Uploads the files easily through free versions

Uploading files and easily editing them is rightly one of the best activities that PDF files allow. There is no need to download any paid versions for PDF. This article aims to give you the right choice to choose the free PDF Software for your activity. Here are the top 5 free PDF editor software which works great for all computer based activity.


This is an outstanding PDF editor who helps create the tops that are a worthy alternative to Adobe Acrobat. This is widely regarded as one of the standard platforms where it is about PDF editing. The basic PDF editing solutions allow the paid versions by offering good value for the cost compared to the PDF editors. The user friendly PDF converter helps in maintaining the software.

Nitro Pro

It offers a Nitro Pro PDF editor that brings up PDF editing features similar to the PDF editors necessary for Windows. It is easy to use and also fast. They include OCR technology and allow editing of the scanned PDFs. The set of features are available within a good version. It supports all windows operating systems that come in with two versions.

Acrobat Pro DC

Acrobat Pro DC allows the users to set the pace for PDF editing set widely regarded along with the PDF editing tool for Windows 10. Adobe is still great as an option for PDF editors, allowing top-class features to help users convert, edit and then annotate, among other functions. It is easy to use and is decent and user friendly in the interface.

Foxit Phantom PDF

The Foxit Phantom PDF is another PDF text editor capable of editing PDF files and the Windows system. Phantom PDF can perform all kinds of functions, including merging and splitting PDFs by converting them to other file formats. The OCR functions help the users to work freely with scanned PDFs. The documents are highly activated and truly scanned well.

AbiWord PDF Editor: 

The AbleWord PDF Editor helps maintain the well-known software that is still made to list the essential items through a word processor. The AbleWord supports the reformat images by adding and editing the headers along with the footers. These also include spell check options and other varied functions. Although the features are limited, PDF editors support Microsoft Word features, which are also free and easy to use.

Other free software for PDF scanning

Apart from all these Free PDF software, the more expensive ones are easy to form PDF documents. A handful of PDF Editor Software gives equally efficient activities, including the work that one needs. They are not only compatible but also use voice modulation technology capable of recognition and voice-overs. The PDF editors’ cost is also not too high, whereas the other software is available free of cost.


A free PDF editor also helps you in the best possible ways with the best free PDF editors by editing the PDF documents and the easy possible. The images are modified and seem expensive due to the display of the PDF scanning. The powerful range of tools with cloud-based activities helps in maintaining the PDF to Word converter. The version is limited with free trials but quite user-friendly. Users will surely fall in love with the activity of the PDFs.

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