Fun Places In kochi
Fun Places In kochi

Where should you take your kids when visiting on cheap flights to Kochi? Worry not, we have here a list fantastic amusement places in Kochi which your children will enjoy to no end.

Kochi is undoubtedly one of the most popular travel destinations in South India. Exploring marvelous historical monuments is definitely an exciting prospect for adults. But the same thing will draw an endless stream of yawns from your little ones who are still too young to understand the significance of these places. So where should you take your kids when visiting on cheap flights to Kochi? Worry not, we have here a list of fantastic amusement places in Kochi which your children will enjoy to no end. Book last minute flights and come enjoy some of these fun places with your kids.


One of the most popular amusement parks in Kochi, Wonderla offers about 59 thrilling rides which your kids are sure to enjoy. The park was initially known as Zealand and is famous for its eco-friendly environment and rules. It is so huge that it seems like a town in itself and is one of the most famous places to visit when in the city on direct flights to Kochi. It welcomes an estimated 1 crore plus visitors every single year. There are however certain dress codes you must follow if you wish to get into the water.


Not all children are into exploring historical monuments, but most will definitely enjoy a good dance performance. Kathakali is the stunning dance form of Kerala and Kochi is home to several centers which offer the chance to watch this incredible art form. Take your kids to see a Kathakali performance and it will leave them as spellbound as you. Go a little earlier so they can watch the dancers putting on elaborate makeup before the performance.


This is one of the most popular places to take your kids to when in the city on cheap flight tickets to Kochi. Subhash Park is a vast expanse of land where you can sit down and relax as your children let loose and have fun. There are plenty of quiet spots you can choose for your family and you will find plenty of other families out with their kids as well. Apart from recreational activities here, your kids will be able to enjoy boat and train rides among others as well.


Another great place to take your kids to when visiting Kochi on cheap business class flights, Kids City will keep your kids busy for a little while for sure. Full of fun recreational activities, rides and games, the park offers your kids to enjoy all these and much more. You get the chance to take a break for a couple of hours from hard-core parenting duties as you watch your kids let loose and have fun. You can take them to have delicious local food after they are done playing.


About an hour’s drive away from Fort Kochi is the famous Elephant Training Center where you can take your kids. It is no secret that children are fascinated by wildlife and the chance to see an actual elephant up close is one you must not let your kids miss. They’ll be able to see Elephants of all sizes, right from the massive adults to the adorable baby ones. Watch the Elephants being bathed and take your kids on exciting Elephant rides as well. Don’t forget to carry your camera to capture on film your kids having fun with the Elephants.

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