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Visit Portugal

Visit Portugal

Portugal is the ideal vacation rentals destination all year round, thanks to its temperate climate, 3000 hours of sunlight per year, and 850 kilometres of gorgeous beaches lapped by the Atlantic Ocean.

The country with Europe’s oldest borders offers an astonishing range of landscapes within easy reach, countless recreational activities, and a unique cultural heritage in which tradition and modernity coexist perfectly.

This region is a tourist paradise in its own right, thanks to its outstanding gastronomy, fine wines, and friendly people.

Portugal attracts travellers worldwide due to its location in the extreme southwest of Europe, just a few hours from the main European capitals.


Portugal’s mainland The climate in Portugal varies widely by location and is influenced by terrain, latitude, and closeness to the sea, resulting in mild winters, particularly in the Algarve.

Winters are more relaxed in the Porto e Norte and Centro regions, especially inland closer to Spain, but temperatures remain mild compared to the rest of Europe.

There has been some snowfall. Most of the snow falls in the Serra da Estrela mountains, which have the highest point on mainland Portugal (1,991 m) and where skiing is occasionally possible.

Summers in the interior are exceptionally hot and dry. (Tras-os-Montes in northern Portugal and Alentejo). Temperatures in coastal areas are slightly lower due to the influence of the sea.

There are typically bright, sunny days in October. Because November 11 is the feast day of St. Martin, pleasant weather in early November is commonly referred to as “St. Martin’s summer.”



The climate in the Azores is influenced by the islands’ latitude and the Gulf Stream, and temperatures are mild all year.

The same elements influence sea temperature, which is pleasant in winter and summer and ideal for water sports all year round.



The geographical position and high relief of the Madeira archipelago explain the subtropical characteristics of the weather.

Madeira’s climate is exceptionally mild, with typical summer temperatures of 24 degrees Celsius and winter temperatures of 19 degrees Celsius.

The warm Gulf Stream influences the sea temperature throughout the year, making it very comfortable. It ranges from 18 degrees Celsius in the winter to 22 degrees Celsius in the summer.

How well do you know Spain?


The EU’s second-largest country Spain, or the Kingdom of Spain, as formally known, is the European Union’s second-largest country after France. If you include the Canary Islands and Spanish possessions along the North African coast, it measures around 506,000 square kilometres.

Previously, the country was divided among several kingdoms. What is currently Spain, like many other European countries, was formerly a collection of different kingdoms.

That altered in the 15th century, when Fernando of Aragon married Isabel of Castile, bringing their kingdoms together. As if learning a new language wasn’t complicated enough, most of these kingdoms had their own language!

The country that is home to the world’s second most widely spoken language The number of native Spanish speakers worldwide is 440 million, second only to Mandarin. While Spanish is the national language of Spain, Catalan, Basque (Euskara), and Galician (Galego) are regional languages with official status in their respective territories.

Most visitors associate Spain with the “coast.” Spain’s Mediterranean coast spans 1,200 kilometres, or more if you consider the actual kilometres of coastline with its headlands, bays, inlets, and long sandy beaches, from the northern Costa Brava to the southern Costa del Sol.

At least two days to drive the entire length of this coastline on highways, much longer on minor roads and with pauses to see the most stunning vistas.

Continental Spain also boasts two segments of Atlantic shoreline, one in the southwest and one on the country’s northern border.

These places differ from the Mediterranean coast regarding character and potential, particularly on Spain’s northern coast in Asturias and Galicia. The northern coastal area, known as “Green Spain,” is one where the mountains meet the sea and offers a variety of options for holidaymakers searching for more than simply a sunny beach to lie on.

Dubai’s Personality

Dubai's Personality

Dubai is a city of skyscrapers, marinas, and beaches where big business meets sun-seeking tourism.

Because of the enormous number of ex-pats, the city feels like a Middle Eastern melting pot, and the environment is generally tolerant.

Religious affiliations are hardly important in city life. Although Islam is the majority religion in Dubai, there are also churches and Hindu temples.

France as a vacation destination Despite this, France remains the world’s most popular travel destination and, by and large, one of the safest locations to visit.

France has it all, or nearly so. It has some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches, the highest mountains, the most beautiful historical monuments, and the most beautiful cities.

The most idyllic landscapes, the most magnificent castles, the most beautiful rivers, and much more, not to mention the best restaurants, the best wines, and the most hotels.

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