drinking orange juice
drinking orange juice

In addition to being one of the most delicious ways to add a portion of fruit to your diet, the benefits of orange juice can provide a huge range of unique benefits for your body. Some of the nutritional properties of this refreshing drink are linked to a reduced risk of cancer, while others may be able to improve your cardiovascular health. Here are the top ten reasons why you need more orange juice in your life.

1. It could help to protect you from ulcers

Gastric ulcers are extremely common and can sometimes cause acute pain or potentially life-threatening bleeding. Intriguingly, new research suggests that orange juice might be able to afford you some protection from this unpleasant condition. Specifically, people who have high levels of vitamin C in their diets are around 25% less likely to suffer from H. pylori infection, and H. pylori is a bacterium that makes you more susceptible to gastric ulcers. If vitamin C does indeed help to guard against H. pylori infection, drinking plenty of orange juice could be an excellent defense against ulcers.

2. It supports respiratory health

Orange juice is a source of a carotenoid called beta-cryptoxanthin, and it is connected to a reduction in the risk of respiratory cancers. One exciting study found that the non-smokers who consumed the greatest amounts of beta-cryptoxanthin were approximately 25% less likely to be diagnosed with lung cancer. Meanwhile, those members of the smoker group who consumed the largest amounts of this carotenoid were an impressive 35% less likely to suffer from lung cancer (when compared to the average smoker).

3. It can improve the health of your heart

One of the most exciting health benefits provided by orange juice is provided by hesperidin, which is capable of influencing cholesterol levels. In particular, it lowers your levels of LDL or ‘bad’ cholesterol, which in turn makes you less likely to suffer from heart disease. Since heart disease is one of the most common causes of death, orange juice is an excellent addition to your diet. In addition, it is worth noting that oranges are a source of magnesium and potassium, both of which can help to keep your blood pressure within healthy limits. There is even some compelling research suggesting that people who drink the most orange juice may be at least 20% less likely to suffer from a stroke.

4. It makes you less likely to develop kidney stones

Drinking lots of orange juice raises the amount of citric acid in your urine, giving it a higher pH value. Since having urine of a higher pH value seems to reduce the likelihood of suffering from calcium oxalate kidney stones, you may be less likely to develop painful kidney stones if orange juice is a key part of your diet.

5. It aids your digestive system

Orange juice supports a healthy stomach and well-functioning intestines by providing you with a hefty dose of fiber, helping to keep your bowels regular. Recent studies also suggest that regularly drinking orange juice could cut your risk of digestive tract cancers in half.

6. It reduces your chances of anemia

Your blood needs iron in order to supply your vital organs with adequate oxygen levels, and orange juice is an excellent source of iron. As a result, drinking plenty of orange juice could reduce your likelihood of being diagnosed with anemia (which can cause fatigue, heart rhythm problems, dizziness and breathing difficulties).

7. It can improve immune system function

Vitamin C helps your immune system to fight disease, and a glass of orange juice contains over 110% of your recommended daily intake. In addition, your body uses the beta-carotene in orange juice to produce vitamin A, which also improves immune system function.

8. It reduces inflammation levels

The flavonoids in orange juice have anti-inflammatory properties, so if you suffer from arthritis, ulcerative colitis or another inflammatory disease then you may find that your overall pain levels reduce if your orange juice consumption increases.

9. It lowers oral cancer risk

Orange juice consumption is linked to a reduced risk of oral cancers, as well as malignancies of the voice box. Other citrus fruits and fruit juices appear to offer the same benefit, but most people favor the taste of orange juice.

10. It supports your vision

Finally, you receive some protection from macular degeneration when the carotenoids in orange juice are converted to vitamin A. Macular degeneration is one of the main causes of vision loss in older age, so this health benefit is particularly important over the age of 50.

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