Alcohol Free Ideas to Celebrate New Year
Alcohol Free Ideas to Celebrate New Year

Regardless of whether you drink or not, New Year’s Eve is one of those nights where the pressure is on to have a blast. Eliminating alcohol and drugs from this evening gives you the option to wake up refreshed and clear-headed on January 1st. How novel! While there’s nothing wrong with ringing in the new year with a bit of champagne, I offer these seven options for anyone who’d like to try something different this time around.

1. Getaway

Book a getaway at a spa or yoga facility, and pamper yourself for at least 24 hours. Schedule a facial or massage, or both (YOLO!). There are plenty of yoga studios and retreat centers all over the globe, so there’s bound to be something in everyone’s budget. Do some research and find a place to go, shut down your phone, and get your yoga glow on as you ring in the new year.

2. Don’t hang with people who are over-indulging

If you really want to be sober this New Year’s Eve, don’t hang with people who’ll be boozing it up all night. I can speak from experience when I say that it’s no fun hanging around just watching others get wasted. If you’re around alcohol, odds are you’ll wind up drinking too, so plan to be someplace where alcohol isn’t on hand.

3. Mocktails

There are options way beyond the Shirley Temple—check out these snazzy, booze-free cocktail recipes: In addition, consider throwing a mocktail soiree for friends who may also wish to abstain from the hard stuff this time around. You may be surprised at how many people prefer to go clean this year!

4. Have a fitness marathon day and detox

Hit a green juice bar, go for a run, find a spin class, try a new yoga studio—plan a day filled with cardio and yoga to balance out any stress and anxiety. Most yoga studios also host late-night classes to ring in the new year on the mat. Check your local schedules for such events.

5. Find an alcohol-free event

Cities everywhere have alcohol-free celebrations that are often available at no charge. Fireworks, free concerts, and dance parties sans hooch are all happening on New Year’s Eve. Here’s a list of sober celebrations (by region) in the U.S.:

6. Plan an intricate meal

Cooking can become a moving meditation when you let go and surrender to the colors, scents textures of real, clean, whole foods. Invite a friend over, and plan a night of cooking something a bit more challenging than the things you’d normally try. Take lots of time preparing and reviewing recipes, put on some great tunes, and release your inner Food Network star.

7. Host a game night

Not into cooking? Gather uploads of your favorite childhood board games, rent a karaoke machine (most rental places also offer lights and smoke machines—just saying!), and throw a game-themed party. Let friends know it’s a clear night, and have plenty of alcohol-free options on hand. Merge this with a pal who can DJ, along with some pot-luck, and you’ll have a pretty groovy gathering.

However you spend the evening, may you and yours have a happy new year!