Private Jet Airports

Here is a list of the top 8 private jet airports in and around Houston to help you select the ideal location for your upcoming private jet journey.

1. William P Hobby Airport – HOU

The oldest commercial airport in Houston is William P. Hobby Airport. It served as the city’s primary airport until the construction of George Bush Intercontinental Airport, previously known as Houston Intercontinental Airport. Additionally, George Bush Intercontinental Airport offers private jet charter Houston services. The 1940 Air Terminal Museum is located in the original terminal, and several FBOs provide private luxury lounges with drinks, business amenities, showers, and free WiFi.

  • Year Opened: 1969
  • Distance from Houston: 7 miles
  • Land area: 1,304 acres
  • Number of FBOs: 4

2. David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport – DWH

One of the biggest privately owned airports in the USA, David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport, focuses on commercial, military, and general aviation. A local pilot first constructed it for use, but he ultimately had to enlarge it to meet the region’s burgeoning demand. Currently, Gill Aviation, the owner and operator of the property, is the FBO service on-site that provides upscale lounges, a movie room, and light refreshments.

  • Distance from Houston: 23 miles
  • Year Opened: 1963
  • Number of FBOs: 1
  • Land area: 480 acres

3. Houston Executive Airport – TME

Houston Executive Airport

Situated 28 miles west of Houston, Houston Executive Airport is a privately owned facility owned by WCF, LLC. Established in 2007, this airport is relatively new and owes its existence to the sponsorship of Ron Henrikson, a local entrepreneur and aviator. It was built to service Houston’s Energy Corridor, and business travelers frequently choose it because of its accessibility to Interstate 10. The Henrikson Jet Center’s on-site FBO provides WiFi, snacks, and opulent lounges.

  • Year Opened: 2007
  • Distance from Houston: 28 miles
  • Land area: 1,900 acres
  • Number of FBOs: 1

4. West Houston Airport – IWS

West Houston Airfield is a tiny, privately owned airfield in Harris County. It is open to the public and mainly used for general aviation. A flying school is also located there. There are more than 375 airplanes there. The airport offers a luxurious lounge with free WiFi and light refreshments for its customers who need a place to unwind before or after their journey.

  • Year Opened: 1964
  • Distance from Houston: 13 miles
  • Land area: 200 acres
  • Number of FBOs: 1

5. Conroe-North Houston Executive Airport – CXO

In Montgomery County, Conroe is home to Conroe-North Houston Executive Airport, formerly Lone Star Executive Airport. Previously, it was known as Montgomery County Airport. Originally established as a military airport during World War II, this facility underwent a transformation in 1945, transitioning into a civilian airport. Boasting two runways and two FBOs, it offers an elevated experience with opulent lounges, complimentary WiFi, and delectable refreshments.

  • Year Opened: 1944
  • Distance from Houston: 37 miles
  • Land area: 1,277 acres
  • Number of FBOs: 2

6. Houston Southwest Airport – AXH

Houston Southwest Airport

James Griffith Jr. owns Houston Southwest Airport, a public airport. It is well-liked by travelers who want to bypass the more significant international airports and those who want to arrive close to Houston’s financial center. It is situated in Arcola, Fort Bend. It is mainly utilized for general aviation and has several flight schools and maintenance facilities. There is just one FBO run by the airport, and it provides showers, a plush lounge, and free internet access.

  • Year Opened: 1979
  • Distance from Houston: 15 miles
  • Land area: 1,880 acres
  • Number of FBOs: 1

7. Sugar Land Regional Airport – SGR

Just west of Houston, Sugar Land Regional Airfield is a public-use airfield mainly utilized for general aviation. It was first established by a private individual when the two nearby airports collapsed, and it was once known as Sugar Land Municipal Airport and, initially, Hull Field. One FBO with a base at the airport provides upscale lounges, complimentary refreshments, sleeping quarters, a shower, conference rooms, and WiFi.

  • Year Opened: 1936
  • Distance from Houston: 17 miles
  • Land area: 426 acres
  • Number of FBOs: 1

8. Pearland Regional Airport – LVJ

Pearland Regional Airport

Pearland Regional Airfield, formerly Clover Field, is a general aviation airfield open to the public and designed to handle smaller private aircraft. Turboprops and small planes can land at Pearland thanks to its 4,313-foot runway. The airport’s one FBO provides a courtesy vehicle, coffee and freshly baked cookies, WiFi, concierge services, and conference room facilities.

  • Year Opened: 1950
  • Distance from Houston: 24 miles
  • Land area: 450 acres
  • Number of FBOs: 1


Houston is the perfect place to escape it all because of its extensive selection of private flight airports. For a pleasant and swift flight out of Houston, Texas, you may select a plane based on your needs, such as a light jet, a turboprop, a medium jet, or a heavy jet. You may be confident that these charter planes will transport you there efficiently, pleasantly, and fast. Houston is a well-known tourist destination, and the ease with which business and leisure travelers may access it adds to its allure. There are 44 airports within 50 miles of Houston, Texas, giving visitors various options when planning their travels there. The airports in question include D. Wayne Hooks Airport, George Bush Intercontinental Airport, and William P. Hobby Airport (HOU). Wayne Hooks Airport is among the most frequently utilized charter airports. Each of these is big enough for private planes of any size!