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mobile apps

The travel and tourism industry is growing exponentially. The business vertical is predicted to generate about 17.3 billion US dollars in revenue by the year 2020. And the biggest credit for this upliftment goes to Mobile apps.

The mobile technology has brought a considerable transformation in the travel industry, revamping the way we used to search, book, pay, and enjoy your trips and tours. The technology has given us freedom from guidebooks, paper maps, contact numbers of Travel agents, and other such hassles. But the best contribution to the travel industry of the mobile applications are:-

6 Differences Mobile Apps Brought to the Travel Industry

1- Effortless Travel Planning

Thanks to travel mobile apps, you need not run to travel agents and family friends to plan a tour. You need not glue to your study table, make a list of bookings you need to do, and find the best offers of all. With a travel mobile application in your hand, you can easily find the best hotels, flights, restaurants, travel spots, and much more under the same roof.

Also, you can enter the hotels and restaurants even without stepping out of your home (using AR/VR technology), which helps to make the travel plan easier, faster, and enjoyable.

2- Seamless Communication

Whether it’s dusk or dawn, you can communicate with the travelers and drive better business. By messaging on the mobile platform, you can interact with multiple potential clients at the same time, understand their requirements, share the images, videos, and other visuals. In this way, you can make a seamless communication, which can be like a golden chance to convince your potential customers and convert them into your clients.

3- Instant Transactions

A mobile app can give you and your customers an escape from cash transactions and the risks associated. By adding your bank account or debit card to the platform, you both can make safe, secure, and faster transactions in real-time.

4- Customized Services

Every customer is different, and so are their demands. A travel mobile app, unlike traditional methods, will help you to understand the behavior and taste of every individual and provide them with what they want. Using the AI and other such technologies, the mobile apps will keep an eagle’s eye on the customer activities and have a conversation to understand what type of traveling experience they want. With the insights gained, the application will offer them what they would love to have. In this way, the application will please the customers and keep them hooked to your brand, rising up the user retention rate.

5- Higher Sales

A mobile application, by residing on the users’ smartphones, keeps the customers connected to your brand. It prompts the audience to tap on your app screen whenever they think of traveling or find some new travel discount/offers. This enhances the app engagement rate and of course, your sales. Plus, the streamlined and personalized experience offered by travel apps using native device features also triggers the sales numbers. So, are you eager to increase your sales?

6- Improved Business Presence

Having your own app on the App Store is an effective method to grow your brand presence. When the user search for a travel mobile app on the App Store (or Play Store), there’s a possibility that they land on your app page and click on the ‘Install’ button. This implies a simpler and faster customer acquisition process.

Apart from this, a mobile application can become the tool to promote your app, with users sharing about their experience with your brand to their near and dear ones, and recommending them to try your app once.

With such luring benefits and the growing involvement of mobile technology in almost all the business verticals, it is completely insane to not hiring a mobile app development company and launching your own travel app. Don’t you think so?