Interface For Your Website
Interface For Your Website

User Interface is the seed that you sow to reap a great user experience. Your ideas need to be a result of brainstorming sessions that involve you and the web designers, in order to come up with a combination of your insight as well as the expertise of the designers.

UI is the key to a successful website. In order to design something that appeals to the visitors, reflects the idea behind the business, tends to be user-friendly, and follows the latest trends, you need a well-known web design agency to work with.

In order to make your website look appealing, you must choose the right fonts and colors that please the viewer’s eyes. The aggressive color scheme can affect the visitor’s mood in a negative way. You need to ensure that your colors are subtle or bright that gives a pleasant feel and the one looking at your web page is happy and at peace when navigating through the website.


While discussing the user interface that you need to use for your website, it is best that you follow the trends in order to remain on top of the list. The following are the trends of UI design in Dubai which are making the websites productive and creative.

Integrated Interface:

If you place all of your main contents on one page, then it gets simpler and easy for the visitors to view everything at once and have access too.


The fonts being used in big sizes and as headlines is in trend this year. They add a creative look to the presentation of the webpage.

Gradient Transitions:

The transition of colors is quite common and has been for long now. It looks beautiful and gives a pleasing look to the page. You could also use it while an action is taking place on the page.

Custom Illustrations:

Another famous trend of 2018, is the use of customized illustrations. Web designers are using this as a strong UI tool, to convey the message in a creative and funny way and grasp the visitor’s attention.


Videos have always been a great medium for explaining procedures that images cannot. You can also tell what to do followed by how to do it.


All the content that you place and how you do it must also be effective. Its usage should be able to benefit the user and not just look pretty. This has been a top priority for all the UI designers to ensure that the user interface is fruitful and effective.

Split Screens:

This latest option of splitting screens looks amazing if executed properly. You can offer two, three different options to the visitor and show them in different sections of a screen instead of just tabs or buttons to select from.

Animated Graphics:

Designers these days are adding animation to the logos, illustrations, icons, etc. This playful fun element added to the webpage makes it more interesting and worth remembering and revisiting.

Types of User Interfaces:

There are mainly five types of User Interfaces, including:

  • Command Line Interface
  • Graphical UI
  • Natural Language
  • Menu Driven
  • Form-Based.
  1. Command Line Interface:

This is the oldest type of interface in use. This works with commands typed by the operator and the drawback is that the operator has to memorize a list of commands for each operation, which can get really difficult for beginners.

  1. Graphical User Interface:

These are also referred to as WIMP since they use Windows, Icons, Menus, and Pointers. Operators use a pointing device like a mouse or touchpads to control a pointer on the screen which then interacts with other elements on the screen.

  1. Menu Driven:

This type of interface is used for cash machines, ticket machines, and information kiosks. They provide a series of menus and sub-menus which the user can access by selecting and pressing the buttons, mostly by using touch-screen these days.

  1. Form-Based:

A form-based interface uses the following;

  • checkboxes
  • text boxes
  • drop-down menus
  • radio boxes
  • text areas
  • buttons

These are used to enter data into the system. This type of interface is applicable in places like call centers, where the operator needs an efficient system for entering information gathered over the phone.

  1. Natural Language:

This interface makes use of sounds and voices. It is also referred to as ‘conversational interface’. These work with search engines like Google or phones, such as you talk and the phone will type the words for you as you speak. This applies to text, internet surfing, call dialing, etc.

There is a recent addition to the list of interfaces, which is the Gesture Driven interface. This is controlled by human gestures which are detected by the computer. An example of this Xbox, which uses a camera to detect motion.

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