How To Convince Your Parents To Get A Dog

There are many reasons to have a dog, and all of them are good. According to Archaeology Magazine, the close loving and working relationship between human beings and dogs is over 15,000 years old.

The American Humane Society reports that 63% of homes in America have pets. These families, for the most part, consider their pet like a member of the family. Dogs are slightly more popular than cats. This article contains hints for kids on How to Convince Your Parents to Get a Dog.

How to Persuade Your Parents to Get a Dog says that dogs received the moniker of being “man’s best friend,” because of their loyalty and the affection they show to their owners. The phrase “man’s best friend,” first appeared in a newspaper in 1821.

They famously used the phrase in a court trial in Warrensburg, Missouri, USA, during 1870 to describe the value to the owner of a dog shot by a neighbour. The attorney in the case, who represented the dead dog’s owner, gave a moving speech. He was George Graham Vest, who later went on to become a Senator.

He said a dog stands by its owner, whether rich or poor, healthy or sick and that a dog’s love is as constant as the sun’s rising each day to traverse the heavens.

Who tried the legal case four times, and Who made even an appeal to the Supreme Court of Missouri to overturn the ruling in favour of the dog’s owner. The Supreme Court upheld the lower court’s ruling, and the owner of the dog shot by his neighbour won the case. A statute of the dog, named “Old Drum,” now stands in front of the Missouri courthouse in memory of the beloved animal.

Working dogs are beneficial to sheepherders. Dogs serve as guards for homes and businesses. Dogs work aside law enforcement officers. Other dogs serve a vital function as companion care animals. The ASPCA notes that more pet dogs in America (between 70 to 80 million) than people in Britain (about 64 million).

Europeans love their animals also. The Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association says, 46% of homes in the UK have pets, and there are over 9 million dogs in Great Britain. The European Pet Food Federation says that there are 70 million homes with pets in the rest of Europe and 25% are dogs.

Read more about the history of dogs and how dogs became man’s best friend in this treatise from the Oxford English Dictionary.

Hint for Kids: To convince parents to let you have a dog, explain how much you know about the history of dogs, why a dog makes such a good companion of great value that Who proved in a famous court case, and how a dog can help guard the household if that is a possibility.

Dogs Teach Children Responsibility

The main reason for a family to get a dog is for fun and companionship. The benefit is that caring for a beloved pet teaches responsibility in the very best way. Parents who find it challenging to get children to put down the video games and go outside soon realize a dog compels them to either take the dog out for a walk or go out into the backyard to play.

It is an incredibly wholesome experience for children to take care of an animal. This is true, especially when they are fully responsible for the daily attention the animal needs. Feeding a dog, walking a dog, and playing with a dog are all delightful ways to get children to put down their fixation with electronic devices for a moment and have a meaningful relationship with an animal.

Hint for Kids: This is how to get a dog. First, show that you can be responsible. Ways to show you are responsible include:

  • Help clean the table and wash the dishes after every meal.
  • Clean your room without being asked.
  • Do homework before watching television or playing video games.

If showing responsibility and making good clear reasons for having a dog is not enough, it is time to move to more diplomatic and persuasive efforts.

How to Convince Your Parents to Get a Dog, Tips applied to Mom and Dad.

Talk with your parents one at a time and plan to have a family meeting to discuss the idea of how to get a puppy or how to get a dog in detail. Find out if there are any specific objections to having a dog. Common objections include:

  • Having a dog creates new family expenses for dog food, a dog collar, a leash, flea treatments, veterinarian bills, medicine if the dog gets sick, vaccinations, and neuter or spay procedures to avoid unwanted puppies.
  • Taking care of a dog is lots of work.
  • Having a dog is a permanent, not a temporary thing.
  • Occasionally people have an allergic reaction from dogs.
  • People may prefer cats to dogs. A few people do not like any pets.

To address expenses, kids can do extra chores without receiving payment or help their neighbours pay and use the money to take care of the dog. When a person loves dogs, taking care of them is not work; it is a pleasure.

Dogs are always so happy to play, to receive food, to go for a walk; it is hard to feel bad when doing these things. The fact that a dog is a permanent friend is the very best part. The only sad thing is most people outlive their dogs.

Nevertheless, a dog’s death helps children understand the dying process, a precious life lesson. Some dog breeds are thought to be more hypoallergenic, and those breeds cause fewer allergic reactions in people. All types of pets are great for kids. Cats are great too.


When parents do not agree to have a dog, perhaps it is not the proper time. Don’t give up. Kids should continue to explore ways to convince their parents and learn more about dogs in the meantime. When it comes time to get a dog or puppy, seriously consider getting a rescue animal from an animal shelter instead of buying a dog or puppy.

The ASPCA reports that about 1.7 million abandoned dogs are euthanized (put to sleep) every year. Kids can tell their parents they want to save a dog’s life, which is very convincing.

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