On Christmas day, do you want to greet many people from your Outlook contact list but also want to save time for other preparation? If you don’t want to approach every one separately, this article is going to help you a lot. You can send a greeting to your entire relative and friends at once using the Distribution List. Generally, a distribution list is a group of recipients who are going to receive the message as a single recipient whenever you send the message.

It is used to send an e-mail to the members of this list without having to enter the recipient’s address individually. This can save some precious time which you can use in other necessary work on an occasional day. Creating a distribution list is an easy task in Outlook but a beginner user may need technical assistance. For this, the Outlook Technical Support is going to provide the easy solution to set up a list in just a few steps. The procedure to resolve this issue is discussed next:

  • Open the desired web browser on your computer. Make sure your computer is connected with a working internet connection because, without connection, you are not going to follow this.
  • Open the Outlook website and log-in to your account using E-mail ID and associated password.
  • Click on the “Home” button to expand the “New Items” section. A list of options will be displayed.
  • Now, select the “Contact Group” button from the displayed menu. To directly open this option, press the “Ctrl+Shift+L” button.
  • From the “Contact Group” page, click on the “New Contact Group” button. A “Name” option will be updated where you need to enter the name of the group or list.
  • Enter the name as desired under the “Name:” section. The name of the group is what you are going to use to send messages to others.
  • After entering the necessary information, click on the “Save&Close” button from the “Contact Group” ribbon. You have created a distribution list.
  • Now, add the members under this list and greet them at once.

Unable to Follow Up Procedure? Call the Experts Straightaway

Due to certain circumstances, you may not be able to proceed with the above procedure properly. Maybe you are facing some unknown and unexpected errors which are acting as a blockage. If so, don’t be troubled. You only need to contact us at Outlook Customer Service Phone Number USA +1-844-900-7666. Once contacting, our experts will provide you the best and easy solution to deal with the issue. They can deliver you an easy and accurate solution to deal with the issue. The professionals working here cater the technical assistance with dedication and passion.