How to Edit Secured PDF

Mainly there are two types of passwords which include open passwords and permission passwords. Now you don’t have to brood here and there in search of quality information. If you want to know how to edit secured pdf then make sure to not miss a single step.

If the PDF file is secured with an open password and you are well aware of the password then you can simply click on the edit button to make the changes to the content. But if the file is tightly secure then you need to prefer another store.

By knowing the passwords you can directly open the file in Adobe Acrobatand then you need to click on the Enable editing button to start your editing process to make the changes. If you don’t know the password then make sure to use Wondershare PDF password remove to get rid of the permissions password.

After That, you can use Adobe Acrobat to make the required changes in new PDF documents without facing any permission-related issues. Adobe Acrobat is the most effective way to remove passwords to make the change accordingly.  If you want to edit the secured PDF file with the help of Adobe Acrobat then you have come to the right place.

How to Edit Secured PDF with Password?

Certain steps will allow you to edit the secured file as well. Adobe Acrobat is an easy and most effective tool that allows access to several features and supports editing password-protected PDF. There are short steps that are crucial to follow to access the editing of the secured files.

  • First, make sure to open the secured PDF. It is crucial to launch Adobe Acrobat on your computer and then click on the ‘Open Files’ button to import the file into the program to access the editing process.
  • Now enter the password correctly in the window pop-up.
  • If the file is secured then it will ask to enter a password to enable the editing. After that enter the permission password and then click on the edit button. You can do changes to the fonts, color, and many more.
  • Adobe Acrobat allows users to make a PDF file from various PDFs which also includes blank documents, images, HTML, and others.

How to Edit Locked PDFs with EaseUS PDF Editor?

It is very important to protect PDF files with extremely strong passwords and it has become a common means these days to prevent the data. We all know that file also have phone bills or bank details which need to be protected as it contains private information.

These files consist of sensitive information and it is so crucial to protect the file with strong passwords. This will allow the permission to the receiver to perform any changes only when they are granted permissions. In case, if you need to edit files then you can use several password remover software or tools. You can refer to the use of EaseUS pdf editor software.

This software provides good help to assist the users and allows them to add or remove passwords from the PDFs on the Windows PC. Make sure to prefer the EaseUS PDF editor to edit the secured PDFs.

Certain rules provide easy-to-use PDF password removers that will assist you to unlock the PDF on Windows PC.

  • Step 1- First, make sure to download and install the EaseUS pdf editor on your computer or laptop.
  • Step 2- Now open this software and click on ‘Open Files’ to upload the selected PDF file.
  • Step 3- You just need to enter the password successfully to open the file.
  • Step 4-After that, click the protection option which is present at the top toolbar and choose to remove security from the right side of the interface of the page.
  • Step 5- Now a window will pop up and then hit on OK option
  • Step 6- When you are done then you need to remove the password from your PDF file
  • Step 7- Now it’s easy to export the PDF file by hitting on File and then clicking on the save option.

How to Edit a Secured PDF File Online?

If you want to edit a secured pdf file online then you can prefer the Smallpdf tool. Smallpdf is a great tool that provides easy access to unlock your file for editing. You can easily protect the passwords even after getting access to edit and probed by removing their encryption. If you want to do the changes in the file then make sure that you have permission from the owner or only if you are the owner.

  • Step 1- Check out the box and start the process. If there is weak encryption on your pdf file then the process will only take a few seconds to complete. But your file is protected through strong encryption then it will require entering valid passwords.
  • Step 2- Now make sure to click on the edit tool icon which is present on your fike.
  • Step 3- After that, you can start your editing.
  • Step 4- When you are done with the editing process then make sure to download the file to save your PDF.


Now it is quite easy to come up with tight access to edit the PDF files. We all know that sometimes it is crucial to protect the file with strong passwords as it contains sensitive or critical information. Users can also edit the files if they have rights or permissions.

The above-mentioned steps are enough to know how to edit secured pdf. You can use EaseUS software to edit the file more effectively. This software is considered the most effective to edit the file. There are several other tools available that provide access to edit secure PDFs.

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