You probably know about the flaws of Roku if you own one. The Roku is a fantastic streaming device, but it comes with a cost. It has way too many advertisements. YouTube has ads all over the place. There are ads in TV commercial breaks, on your home screen, and when you watch YouTube.

People have switched to streaming over cable TV to avoid advertisements, amongst other reasons. The short answer to the question of whether or not you can block YouTube advertisements on Roku is Yes. Read on to discover a number of solutions.

What Are the Reasons for Roku Ads?

Roku does not want you to be able to block advertisements. Roku makes a lot from ads, even those on YouTube. They could remove ads easily, but that is not the case.

Another bad thing: Roku’s operating system does not support ad-blocking software. You can’t install an ad-blocker and watch YouTube as uninterruptedly as on your web browser. You’ll likely see more advertisements if you subscribe to YouTube TV.

It may be, to put it mildly, annoying. There’s always a solution to your problem. We found that many people are experiencing the same problem with YouTube advertisements on Roku. So, we put together a list.

The solutions listed above could be better, and they won’t remove every YouTube ad on Roku. If you use them all together, the ads will be greatly reduced.

Then we’ll move on to more complex ad-blocking options. There is a Roku ad blocker, but it is not promoted in this way. Continue reading to find out.

Roku settings

Roku’s settings are the best place to start. You can select a native setting to keep your browsing history private and reduce ads. What you should do is:

  1. Click on Settings on the Roku homepage.
  2. Then, select Advertising under Privacy.
  3. You will need to select the Limit Ad Tracking option.
  4. Restart your Roku device.

You can do even more. After this step, you’ll get more generic ads, which should be less targeted.

Continue with your Router

You can also block certain domains by using the router settings. You should be able to remove some Roku advertisements. These are the steps to follow:

  1. Open your router’s settings. You’ll need to enter your router’s address into the address bar. Log in using your credentials and then click the Advanced tab.
  2. Select Security, Filtering, Access Control or Security. You can block keywords, domains, and websites by selecting the appropriate option.
  3. Add these links to the list. Click on the checkbox to block Enterprise Advertising and Analytics Solutions.
  4. Restart your Roku device.

You can block YouTube ads by selecting Enterprise Advertising Solutions. You should no longer see ads on the home page of your Roku. These solutions will only block some ads but should reduce your exposure to them.


AdGuard will protect you from annoying YouTube advertisements on Roku. This is the ad-blocker we discussed: it works on all devices, including Roku. The free ad blocker works on many different platforms, including Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, iOS and Android.

Download AdGuard for the platform you prefer using the link provided. AdGuard does not require any installation. This is a secure, free DNS resolution system.

The program’s main goal is to block ads, tracking and phishing. These are all harmful to your privacy. They update their database so that you will never see any ads. If you have kids, the family mode can block any adult content.

AdGuard is enabled by the router’s settings. You only need to input a few DNS server addresses to eliminate YouTube ads from Roku and any other device connected to your network.

You can watch YouTube without Ads.

YouTube has become the world’s most popular platform for video. Its popularity has increased tremendously since it was founded. Many people watch it daily and endure a large number of advertisements. Do not be like those people. This applies to Roku as well.

Avoid ads. They are usually boring and ineffective. Please feel free to comment below if you want to make any additions.