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Moisturizing your hair is essential to keeping it healthy and looking its best. Unfortunately, many moisturizing products available on the market today will actually do more damage than good. Regular use of most commercial products sold at major retailers can do a lot of damage over a period. Sebum, which is a natural substance produced by the body, is the only true natural hair moisturizer. However, it is depleted by the regular use of chemical products.

While you can create your own moisturizing products using natural ingredients found in your home, there are moisturizers on the market from companies like Aveda, Arbonne, and Tom’s of Maine. Arbonne features vegan-friendly products, while Aveda is organic, but not vegan. Tom’s of Maine uses all-natural ingredients. Yet, if you wish to create some natural remedies for hair moisturizing, you need not look further than your own kitchen.

Hair Naturally

Here is a list of natural products that can help moisturize your hair:


Using avocado is a great way to promote healthy hair. After a shower, mash up a single avocado and rub it into your hair while it is still damp. Leave it in your hair for about half an hour and then wash it out with water. Avoid adding any other products. This will leave your hair looking shiny and well-moisturized without any oily residue.


Banana, in its raw, natural state, is also good for your hair. Put a single banana in a bowl and mash it up well using a spoon and apply it to your hair. For longer hair, use more bananas. It can be applied to your hair in any condition (dry, damp, wet, etc.). Leave it in your hair for 45 minutes and then thoroughly rinse your hair with warm water.

Natural Oils:

Jojoba oil is a common natural oil, available on the retail market, used to replenish hair and give it a beautiful sheen. The molecular structure of Jojoba oil mirrors that of sebum, but it leaves a less oily look if used moderately. If your hair is deeply damaged, the Jojoba oil should be left in overnight.

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Using Jojoba oil as a week-long treatment, applied each night, can be beneficial, but be sure to wash it out each morning. There are other oils, as well, including almond oil, rosemary oil, and wheat germ oil. They should all be used in a similar manner to the Jojoba oil. If using natural oils on a daily basis, apply for 30 minutes, and then rinse the hair thoroughly with water.


Raw egg can also help to moisturize the hair and keep it looking healthy, whether used by itself or mixed with mayonnaise. Regardless of whether it is raw or mixed, it should be rubbed all over the hair and the scalp, applied while the hair is dry. It should be left in for thirty minutes, and thoroughly rinsed with lukewarm to hot water afterward.

The foods that you eat are just as important as what you put into your hair. Easting a balanced diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, will also help you to maintain shiny, healthy hair. If your diet is not well-balanced, consider taking a multivitamin daily, because vitamins are necessary for healthy hair.