How to Track Your Android Phone

Android phones are among the most happening smart phones wherein you can find loads of applications to enjoy at various junctures of your life. You are seen using these devices to capture different photographs, share them over social media, interact with friends at Facebook and other networking sites, etc. Hence there are chances that your Android phone is left behind or being stolen by others since you use them too often at various places.

At such junctures, you do not have to panic since you have many ways to track your Android based phones. Thanks to a wide range of Android-based applications, which can help in reuniting yourself with your Smartphone in just few minutes. In fact, if you go over Google Play Store and search for keywords like find my android phone, you would be flooded with loads of options, which would be hard to believe.

The best part is most of these options are simple and free and simply work out the best. Let’s check some of these options to track down your Android phones in the following paragraphs.

Report the Matter to Parenting Website

The moment your android based phone is lost or stolen you simply have to head to any parenting site wherein you have to login and pinpoint the exact location of your device. Using this site, you can also lock your mobile phone so that no one can access any information or use it by anyway; you also have the option of wiping out the entire information from it and can enable the services of scream wherein your android phone would shout to tell about the situation. Some of the services also help the site to take pictures using the camera of your mobile device you can find the location or get the picture of the thief.

Try the App- SeekDroid

This is one of the standard and old methods of finding your phone. This application comes at a cost of around 3 dollars but is very much worthy to have. Apart from the standard features as discussed above, it also helps in enabling the GPS in your device along with wiping out the details saved inside the internal storage area and the SD cards. It also prevents the thief to access the information along with stopping him or her to uninstall the applications in it.

Find My Phone

It’s a free of cost application, which is simply good for families especially for the parents of teenagers who want to keep an eye over their teenage son or daughter. You can attach a number of friends and family members over it to track down the phone movement all the times. At the same time, this application helps in tracking down the stolen or lost phone device using another mobile phone provided if this particular device is on the list inside your mobile phone. Hence if you are not close to any tracking site or computer you can simply take your mother’s mobile phone to track your android phone.

Check the Application – Plan B

For Android phone users this application is often called as a blessing in disguise as it can be simply installed over your phone even if you have lost your phone device. To do this all you need to do is to log on over your Android Market Place account and do the needful. Once you install this application Plan B over your phone once it is stolen your Android phone will automatically start your device and helps in sending out its exact location to you. You can also track your phone device location by simply sending a text message- ‘locate’ over it from your friends phone and get the needful result. Also, this application helps in getting the exact location via email over your registered Gmail account.

Norton Anti Theft

This is regarded as one of the add-ons to your Mobile Security from Norton. In order to use these services you need a license from Norton. One of the interesting features of this application is that it has the function of taking pictures and uploads the same over the website of Norton. This helps in getting the picture of the person who has stolen your phone or some of the visible areas near its location. Hence with these pictures posted over the Norton site, you can easily end up finding the exact location of your Android phone.

Final Word

If you lose an android phone or it is simply stolen, no need to worry, as you know there are so many ways to track down its exact location. The above are some of the best ways to locate your device, however, make sure you install the necessary apps in it before it gets lost or stolen as these would help in tracking the phone a much better and faster way.