leather jackets
leather jackets

Who has not heard of the famous bombers? This season the leather jackets have become stronger than ever. But would you really know how to choose which one favors you the most? The leather jackets are characterized by being a garment entirely of leather and appear for the first time for military use. Have you seen the movie Pearl Harbor? Surely yes, so as you have been able to determine, the leather jackets in it are very present, used by pilots. plus size women are commonly used in the army

That was the origin of the leather jacket, but as you know, at the end of the war, the military material that was left over was reused in everyday life. Being quality leather jackets, and excellent protection from the cold, its use was increasingly frequent

Types of fur jackets

  • The bomber, also known as sucks, is a warm jacket that could look like the perfect windbreaker.
  • This type of leather jackets is very common of the most rock and current looks of this season. You still do not have your bomber jacket? If not, you are already taking into account that it will be a trend throughout the season and next. La Bomber has returned to stay one season.
  • Although Barbour is a clothing brand dedicated in principle to the world of motorcycles, a type of specific jacket has been popularly known.
  • The ┬áBarbour is the type of jackets that one can wear in the races, quickly became a bestseller among the male population. And even today the Barbour jacket is present in many men’s cabinets. Do you have yours too?

Pilot Jackets

  • Very similar to the Bomber, these come from the legendary regulatory model of the Army. These models were only used by fighter pilots of the Navy. These pilot leather jackets, to this day are the favorites of many textile manufacturers, and they are still in their catalogs.
  • Do you know that this type of leather jacket is the most versatile? You can use it both in your casual looks and for a more formal occasion, which will undoubtedly give a fun and different touch to your style. Dare with the pilot jackets and differentiate!
  • If the answer is yes, you definitely need this guide. How much anger it usually gives that after months of searching, find the American that you like the most and when it comes to trying it out, you realize that the suit jacket does not suit you! Sometimes, the suit jacket is big, or too long, or too short, maybe something square, and it does not entail enough, … A myriad of excuses for the result to be, without your perfect suit jacket

How to choose the perfect suit jacket?

  • To know if the suit jacket size that you try is yours, it is very important that you look at the shoulders of the jacket or blazer. Why on the shoulders? Therefore, in order for the best winter jackets for extreme cold, to be correct, the sleeve should start just at the point where the collarbone, arm and shoulder bone meet.
  • Choose the jacket which fit you best because good fitting helps you to save from cold.