Cardamom or as known in India as Elaichi is a multipurpose spice with a sweet taste and scent that is readily used in several dishes across the length and breadth of the country. It is of different types and the most popular ones are green cardamom and black cardamom. Being a multi-purpose spice it is used in a variety of dishes such as rice, curries, bread, and even desserts.

The most important reason because of which it is known as a multi-purpose spice and used extensively in a variety of dishes is because this condiment also has a number of health benefits and numerous medicinal properties. Incorporating cardamoms in cakes adds a different dimension of flavor profile as well as an aroma to the cakes while making it even healthier and power packed with essential vitamins and nutrients.

If you cannot get used to the distinct and strong flavor and fragrance of cardamom, you can use it to decorate and garnish food dishes especially desserts. Cardamom has several brilliant health benefits because of which it has been in use since forever. It is also a natural breath freshener and even used to make the interior of homes smell sweet and fresh. Order cake online in Ahmedabad and eat and enjoy a sweet-scented and flavored cake.

Here are the awesome health benefits and medicinal properties of Cardamom:

  • Cardamoms have been used since the ancient period to help improve digestion. Using this condiment in your food dishes also adds a fresh and unique burst of flavors along with a beautiful aroma. Eating a cake with cardamoms after a meal will help you to digest your food better and not feel bloated or unable to move. It stimulates your metabolic rate
  • The most awesome medicinal property of cardamoms is that they are anti-bacterial and protect your body while fighting off germs and bacteria which can cause serious diseases such as cholera and more. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are quite high.
  • The antioxidant properties of cardamom make it perfect to improve your heart health and prevent or reduce the risks of heart ailments such as heart attacks, heartburns, and cardiac arrests. It also helps to lower cholesterol levels and enhance overall heart health.
  • Cardamom also has the potential and the ability to naturally prevent the risk of any sort of cancer. It decreases general inflammation of the cells and prevents the growth and spread of cancer cells.
  • This wonderful spice also has the capacity to fight off depression and prevent or cure stress, panic attacks, and anxiety. Drinking tea which contains cardamom ensures you are always in a happy and cheerful mood. It has the capacity to make you feel confident when you are nervous and keep you calm, relaxed, peaceful and composed.
  • In case you are suffering from respiratory conditions like asthma and more, are experiencing chest pains, congestion, cold and cough, eating or drinking cardamom in any form will surely help and relieve your pain and discomfort. It will enable you to breathe better and more easily and ensure proper blood circulation and blood flow to the lungs. In case you are experiencing tightness in your chest and lungs and your nose and windpipe feel blocked, try eating cardamom in any food item.
  • Cardamom is also an effective way to improve your oral health. Be it tooth decay problems, gum related problems. Bad breath or germs and bacteria present which causes cavities, cardamom is your one-stop solution which helps to successfully deal with all these sorts of problems.

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