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Innovative new Magnet Driver screwing kit raises over 500% of its fundraising goal on Indiegogo

Magnet Driver™ Space Rocket is a brand new precision screwing kit that brings a huge upgrade for the tiny screws. Earlier in January, it has surpassed its fundraising goal by over 500% on Indiegogo and continues to receive from backers worldwide. The credit for this huge response goes to its innovative design that has the potential to replace the regular screwing kit once and for all.

Magnet Driver™ Space Rocket

Magnet Driver™ is developed by a Spanish company Micaton Ergonomics who wanted to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing with the launch of their unique product, an all in one precision screwdriver and toolkit that can be easily used for all kinds of project, regardless of the size. The design of Magnet Driver™ emulates the Saturn V spaceship and the details’ of the moon, as well as the place and date of first man landing, are also intertwined on the different pieces in the toolkit.

Magnet Driver™ Space Rocket solves the problem of losing tiny screws with its magnetic design that keeps the screws in place for easier driving. Its screwdriver can be extended to four different heights (8 inches, 7 inches, 6 inches, 5 inches), with two extra-short direct positions, for a total of six different working distances. With its superior design, it can be used to reach difficult places and drive the tiniest of screws with only one hand. The product is made from 6061 aluminum CR-V which makes it lightweight, and extremely durable.

Driver™ Space Rocket

The complete toolkit includes Magnet Driver™ Space Rocket screwdriver, Aluminum extender with 4 different lengths, Magnetic organizer mat, 20 extra long bits in 8 different types, 5 Magnet Driver™ Minis that accommodate a full-size range of bits, and a Travel/Carrying case.

The magnetic mats keep all the metal objects perfectly organized and it can be used to place small pieces and screws on them to keep them safe and secure. It comes with moon detailing, as well as the place and date of the first man landing on the moon. The Magnet Driver™ Carrying Case keeps everything safe and secure for easy portability.

The multipurpose Magnet Driver™ can be used to create, repair and adjust mobile, tablet, laptop, computers, camera, keyboard, headphone, drone, gamepad, glasses, watch, wireless speakers, and more.

Magnet Driver™ toolkit is available for pre-order on Indiegogo. The delivery of the product is estimated to be in August 2019.

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