In today’s world of fast-growing technology and inventions, many new things that earlier were only imagined by humans have been achieved by them now. It’s a great achievement by the researchers and innovators as they have made lifestyles the people quite easy and relaxing because now there are various gadgets and accessories that are helping many people to execute their tasks with great precision and efficiency.

The advancement in technology has improved the performance of the gadgets as well as the size of the gadgets has decreased, which has made these electronics gadgets more portable and easier to be operated under various circumstances. There are many companies that are working on their manufacturing technology and fabrication processes to create the best product for the users. Now, various companies are launching their products with great features, small size, and less cost.

The decrement of the size of chipsets, microprocessors, and other electronic elements has made the gadgets become more portable and flexible to work and operate in different circumstances. The small size and improved efficiency with portable devices make the great combo of features that are offered by a company to the user in order to buy their product.

With the advancement in smartphone technologies, Microsoft has decided once again to be back in the smartphone industry and is planning to launch its next flagship smartphone. After the consistent failures of their Microsoft Windows phone, Microsoft stopped to produce phones. And now after a big pause, they are coming back with a bang.

Microsoft Corporation has recently announced the launch of one of its latest technology named Foldable surface phone “Andromeda” in the year 2019. There are rumors that Microsoft’s new product might be less of a mobile phone and more of a foldable and portable computer that you may be able to carry in the pocket. Microsoft’s new hardware product may be named as Andromeda or some other name.

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This device may come with the operating system of Windows 10 latest updated version as well as there were rumors of this device coming with Surface Go. But the Microsoft Surface Chief has completely denied the fact of launching this device with Surface GO as he thinks that this might not be a good idea to bring new categories at this time into the world and also it is not the right place where customers and users need it.

There are various reports that indicate that there is a hold on the launch of this product. As there is still working going on the quality and performance of the Artificial Intelligence and computing of the device. This product has been built with great precision and quality. It is one of the products that has been designed to offer the users a great interface where they can carry out their work and task with more efficiency.

Because of its small and pre-sized look, it will be a great experience for the users to work on such a device. This device will help the user to perform their official as well as personal work on the same operating system. As this has been said earlier that the device is less of the mobile phone and more of the portable and foldable computer, therefore, this will be a great thing for mankind to experience a great innovation and use of technology in the coming days.