MTA Certifications
MTA Certifications

For those students who are considering their career in the IT field and need to learn the basics of IT; gaining MTA certifications can be a huge benefit for you.

According to a survey by Microsoft, 86% of IT managers say that certifications are considered when hiring new candidates and 91% say that certification is important when hiring new IT candidates. Microsoft also said that 64% of IT managers thought that certifications matter a lot when it comes to analyzing the skills of the candidates for the job. Moreover, while selecting any new candidates for the job managers consider certification, experience, and training are some of the aspects while selecting an employee.

According to another survey conducted for nearly 700 IT employees, 60% says that getting a certification allowed to them to get a new job.

An MTA certification contains all the knowledge and expertise required for the particular technology or product and is the most recommended Microsoft certifications. It provides a solid base and with only one exam you can get a certification that will allow you to take your first job in IT.

In this post, we will discuss some of the benefits of MTA certifications:

  • Knowledge is Power

The skills of an employee are very much responsible for the way business operates in many IT areas. It is not a surprise at all that nearly all when the IT managers say that certifications are an important part of team performance.

Businesses having certified employees faces less server downtime and enjoy excellent quality IT support. These have more benefits than direct and indirect costs associated with the certifications.

  • Productivity and Job Security

IT managers who are hiring for new positions include certification as a part of their hiring requirements. More than 50% of managers in IT hiring positions consider certifications as high value or extremely high value in terms of shortlisting of expertise and validating skills of the candidates for the job.

Benefits for the Employer:

  • Reliable IT Department: IT employees who are certified are considered an important resource of skill and knowledge to other members of the company. It also provides all the enhancements to the team’s value and overall cohesiveness.
  • Increases Productivity: This will increase your team’s performance and productivity. Various studies show that individuals who have certifications are more productive than their colleagues who are not certified.
  • Stand Out From the Competition

For the Employee: Despite being equal for all other things, an employer will prefer a candidate who has a certification compared to the one who does not have one. There is a myth among many IT managers that these certifications show a certain level of dedication by IT professionals towards their careers.

An IT manager has the following perceptions about MTA certifications:

  • More than half of the IT managers say that certifications show how committed the candidate is towards their IT career.
  • Over half of the managers thinks that certification is a demonstration of a candidate’s initiative towards their field of interest.
  • More than half of the managers in hiring positions say that MTA certifications show expertise within the subject matter.

For the Employer: Having MTA certification in your teams can give you a huge benefit over other companies especially in situations where businesses request to work with certified IT professionals only.

When employees have an MTA certification, they have a distinct edge over the other employees during the hiring process, RFPs, and contract process for your business through their proficiency and knowledge.

  • Increases ROI and Improve Operations

For the Employee: Nearly half of the employees, agree that when a company pays for their training, they have a strong incentive to stay with that company.

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For the Employer: It is a well-known fact that employees having MTA certifications are more productive and confident in their jobs. They have a better understanding of how to create more effective and secure solutions by utilizing the technology in a better way. Thus, it eliminates risks and saves the company’s time.


These were some of the benefits of MTA certifications. If you are looking to do any one of these certifications than go to the Microsoft website and have a look at it.