destination wedding
destination wedding

Getting the right venue for a wedding is a big deal. There are endless wedding venues in Rajkot; however, every venue offers different deals and discounts. The whole process depends on your planning and budget thing. So, here we are sharing practical tips that will help you reach the best wedding venue for the day without making things hectic.


Drafting a budget for your venue for the wedding is the basic step. How to draft the budget for a wedding venue? Make a list of guests you want to invite. Get the final price of the caterer, cake manufacturer, DJ, photographer, and flower decorator. If the original plans and number of guests remain unmatched, take your time and re-evaluate. Make sure you ask for discounts from every service provider. This will save your money and you can add that amount to the venue budget.


Get the list of wedding venues available in Rajkot. Prepare an excel sheet and track all of your research on venue ideas as it will make your plan well-organized and you can later review the things without losing your mind. If the venue is offering its own services, mention it in the list for later help.

Some column ideas you can use for a spreadsheet for wedding venues are- venue name, location, capacity, type, rates, parking, room facility, and caterer.


When you are over with your initial online or offline research and have left with a bunch of quality venues with your interest, go back to the most preferred venues and get the idea of cost. Find out how much will your selected venue cost for your size and event timing, what extras are included in the package, and what you have to arrange. This step is important and this will decide how much you have to spend on your wedding venue.

Some important questions to ask yourself to select a wedding venue –

Question 1- Is this venue suits my budget?

Things will break your heart if you have a less budget and you select the pricey venue. It’s better to consider your budget and find a suitable venue for your wedding date.

Question 2 – Is this venue available for my wedding date?

You can get the answer by simply contacting the venue owner you have chosen for your wedding.

Question 3 – Does my guest list fit well in this venue?

You get a beautiful banquet and you have a guest list of 100 people. The venue you have chosen can fit 100 people but that doesn’t mean you should finalize it. If you have a list of 100 guests, go for the venue that has a capacity of 150 people or more.

Question 4 – is the location of the venue near to my home?

It is still okay if you get a venue that is a little far from your home. However, if you get the place and it matches your entire requirement and you can reach there with ease then your search ends!

Question 5 – Is parking available?

Providing transportation for guests is helpful, but you must check if the venue is offering parking space for your guests’ vehicles. Many wedding venues offer parking facilities for free. Get the things clear before making any contract!