website design awards
website design awards

Awards always boost confidence, as it feels great to be acknowledged for the good work done. You must have seen various awards being displayed by the websites on their respective pages. Like we get an award for good work done at our work front, these websites are also awarded multiple awards for their content, layout, design, the creativity involved and of course technical competency. Awards are many but there are few which are actually worth flaunting and getting one of these is a matter of pride and encouragement. Here is the list of all those prestigious website design awards that every web designer must know about:

American Design Awards:

American Design awards are one of the most prestigious international website design awards especially for designers and graphic artists. It started in 2000 to recognize the efforts of designers in terms of creativity involved, talent, level of effectiveness, and the marketing ability of the design. It is an independent design competition. ADA holds semi-annual, monthly and special students competition to boost the confidence of students, combining all these three platforms ADA receives about 30,000 submissions every year.


This one is yet another renowned international award for evaluating web designs. Jury members of Awwwards include internationally acclaimed bloggers, renowned designers, and internet organizations. These awards have a strict procedure and are based on the scoring system. The score is given to websites on a scale of 10 in different areas, namely creativity, uniqueness in design, content, and how useful the content and design is. Awwwards is held once in a year, and awards are given at the conference held in different places every year.

CLIO Awards:

One of the prestigious and oldest award existents is the CLIO Awards. It started somewhere in 1950, and initially honored those who excelled in advertising and communication. But over the years it widened its area, and now it has started recognizing the efforts and accomplishments of the digital world including web designs. Time Magazine has declared CLIO Awards as the most prestigious one and getting one is a matter of huge pride and honor. From sixty different countries, about a hundred judges evaluate the entries, out of which only 5% get any type of recognition, and to narrow down only 1% of these entries are awarded gold statues.

Webby Awards:

InternationAcademy of Digitial Arts and Science introduced this award somewhere in 1990, and over the years it has gained huge recognition. New York Times has declared this award as “The Internet’s highest honor”. Over 10,000 entries are received every year in about 100 different categories. The categories include everything from application design to website design. This may be not a much-hyped award but it is surely one of the most prestigious awards.

Favorite Website Awards:

Introduced in 2000, it became the only internet award program that managed to garner the attention of almost 200 million visitors. Few previous winners of this award recognize this award as the “ Web Oscars”. It involves the system of public voting, people’s choice award is decided by the votes od the public whereas award for a site of the year is decided by the judges.

D&AD Awards:

This is also one of the oldest awards we have around, founded in 1960 D&ad Awards have different categories. These include photography, user interface, usage of websites, and many more. Awards are limited to yellow pencil i.e silver and black pencil i.e gold wards.

Addy awards:

It was also founded in 1960, and very soon it became part of the American Advertising Federation. It walked on the footsteps of CLIO and it has recently adopted the approach of interactive media. Gives awards in various categories, out of which few are podcasts, newsletters, and B2B websites.

All those designers who didn’t know about these awards, gear up to send your entries in one of these or all of these awards, you never know when you get lucky with your hard work.

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