You may be looking to market your massage services through RubMD or starting with the website. Here are a few things to know.

The benefits of massages don’t stop at getting the services of a professional. It’s about also having the ability to locate the right therapist for you. With RubMD, It’s now more convenient than ever before to find an experienced massage therapist within the area you live in.

The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) has done surveys to show that increasing numbers of healthcare professionals are advocating massage. Massage is recommended for painful ailments that have a scientific basis as well as mental wellbeing.

No matter if you’re a brand novice to the RubMD application or you’re an expert user, you’ll want to be sure that you’re doing everything you can to stop a “rubmap” from taking the money you’ve worked hard to earn.

What is RubMD?

Rubmd is an platform online that allows you to find massage therapists or spas near you. It allows you to search for local massage therapists or even a certain kind of massage, schedule appointments, and then make payments using a credit card or BitQuick. There are also reviews and evaluations for massage services.

If you’re in search of the best massage therapists who are located in San Diego, Atlanta, Dallas and other cities, You can utilize Rubmd to connect you with masseurs in the area. It is a simple-to-use site which allows you to sign up for an account, look up and read reviews of massage therapists, and schedule appointments with massage therapists you’d like to work with.

What are the Benefits of Massage Therapy? Is it beneficial for your health?

The benefits of massage therapy include relaxing anxiety, curing digestive problems, fibromyalgia insomnia, headaches, back joint pain and discomfort. Here are a few of the most important aspects of these.

Reducing anxiety

Reducing anxiety

Based on the Mayo Clinic Health System, massage can affect the psychological well-being of a person. Massage can help reduce stress and anxiety. However, it can affect your positive mood by improving self-esteem and self-confidence. It could be an element of treatment when you’re suffering from anxiety and depression.

Massage Therapy Rubmd decreases the amount of cortisol within the body, which is the chemical produced by excessive stress levels. It functions as a glucose stimulant in the bloodstream, which is essential to ensuring the proper function of the brain.

Cure Digestive Disorder

Cure Digestive Disorder

The experts at abdominal massage of Rubmd is a powerful treatment for digestive problems to reduce the gastric residual. They are the remnants of previous meals eaten by the stomach prior to beginning eating a second food. If the gastric residual exceeds 100 ml, there may be the possibility of aspiration of the lungs. (Source: Journal.IWW)

Aspiration from the lungs is the highest likelihood of food entering the airways of a person or into the lungs. An article published in the Journal of Intensive Care says that abdominal massage aids reduce the residual gastric within the stomach.

Heal Fibromyalgia

Heal Fibromyalgia

If you experience persistent tenderness and pain when you touch an affected part of your body, Massage therapy is the ideal method of curing these symptoms. The reason for these pains is tension or strain within the muscles that increase the hormones that cause stress and reduce the levels of serotonin in the body. But, the particular Rubmd message therapy can reverse the entire process by reducing stress hormones as well as raising the levels of serotonin, which eases the pain.

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In addition, this will allow you to have a good night’s sleep and provide your body with the opportunity to heal itself, and in the end, you’ll be healthy and fresh.

Eliminate Headache

Eliminate Headache

Two common forms of Headaches include tension headaches as well as migraines. They are caused by factors closely resembling neurological disorders and food sensitivity. Stress, environmental irritants and stress also cause them. The condition can affect the regular circulation of blood within the head, which causes headaches.

A prescription or medicine prescribed by your doctor may provide some relief, but in the case of a long-lasting headache, it’s not the solution for you. Try a chance at the massage. Massage therapists who are experts at RubMD will provide your body and neck with a relaxing massage. Massage therapy can help with maintaining blood circulation and will ultimately provide relief from chronic headaches.

Treatment for Insomnia

Treatment for Insomnia

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the ideal amount of sleep for adults ranges from 7-9 hours. If you get a good night’s rest within the hours recommended, you will notice a positive impact on the quality of your learning and memory, as well as your mood and even your creativity. However, it can also boost the immunity of your body.

In contrast, insomnia is the condition in which everything, including your immune system and the ability to think, is disturbed. It is difficult to sleep due to the low levels of serotonin that are present in the body. Massage therapists at Rubmd are trained to provide you with massage to increase levels of serotonin to restore the body’s clock. This will result in a restful sleep.

The Back Pain Relief

The Back Pain Relief

It is essential to get the right treatment, not be cured by rest. It’s the sensation of discomfort in the back muscles. There could be a number of causes for this, such as if you are lifting a weight or performing a sudden motion which causes strain to the muscles or ligaments of the back.

If you experience spasms of tension in your back muscles, massage therapy can aid in releasing the muscle tension from contract. Therapists who are trained with Rubmd are competent in determining the root of pain and then work diligently to relieve the cause.

Joint Pain Therapeutics

Joint Pain Therapeutics

The form that causes joint discomfort is known as Osteoarthritis. People who suffer from this type of arthritis experience intense joint pain as well as a lot of wear and tear in joints. The root of joint pain can be compared to back pain, which is caused by tension in muscles. Massage therapy with rub is specifically developed to ease the tension in muscles or swelling of joints by regulating blood flow and alleviating muscle stiffness.

Pregnancy Massage Therapist

Pregnancy Massage Therapist

This is an exclusive form of massage therapy which massage therapists provide to women who are pregnant. It also reduces tension, eases back-neck pain, increases circulation and joint pain, and vice versa. Massage therapists need to obtain certification for prenatal massage.

Relaxology Massage

Relaxology Massage

It’s a massage that puts pressure on specific points on the feet and hands. It also enhances circulation, improves relaxation and decreases anxiety. So, the person is able to relieve tension and pain, which in turn enhances the overall health of his body.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massages use heat to help keep your body relaxed and calm. In addition, clients will benefit from the therapy and calm atmosphere by the warmth of the stones.

What is the Rubmd Function?

Rubmd is an online platform for scheduling massages. It makes it easier for customers to search for and reserve massage therapists in their local area. Customers can pick a massage therapist, take a look at their profile or schedule an appointment on the website. It also provides details on different kinds of massage therapies as well as therapists and pricing.

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In the search for a massage therapist, people are able to narrow their search based on place of residence, the kind of massage therapist they prefer to work with, as well as the cost they’d like to pay. You can also check out reviews on different therapists and discover the services they provide. After locating the right therapist for them, you can make appointments directly on the Rubmd site.

Other options are available that are available on the site, including the option to purchase gift certificates or use the Cash App Coinbase Bitquick. Rubmd maintains detailed records of billing so that clients receive the right service invoices.

Finally, the company sends out useful reminders to clients prior to their massage sessions to ensure they will be able to make the scheduled appointments.

What kind of massage therapies are offered through RubMD?

RubMD provides a variety of massage therapies, which include:

  • Swedish massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Massages for athletes
  • Prenatal massage
  • Reflexology
  • Shiatsu massage
  • Thai massage

How Do I Create an Account on Rubmd?

  • For a sign-up as clients, visit Rubmd’s website, go to the homepage and click “Sign up” at the top right corner.
  • Input your name or email address, as well as your password.
  • Use the link contained in your email from us to verify your account.
  • After registering, you can easily find massage therapists in your area when you enter your city or zip code.
  • If you’re a massage professional and would like to provide your services via Rubmd, then go to the homepage and select “Create A Profile.”
  • Complete the required information for setting up your profile.
  • Upload videos and photos of your products and services which are beneficial to customers.
  • If someone schedules an appointment with you, it will be a notification.
  • If you are able to attend the scheduled appointment, it will depend on whether or not you take the suggestion.
  • After you’ve confirmed your acceptance, the client is able to check your contact details and set up an appointment.

What is the payment Method?

Once you have booked your reservation, you are able to pay cash, an app called Cash, Coinbase, or Bitquick. They also accept Bitcoin. Because it’s a cryptocurrency that is not centralized, it is possible to pay for services from Rubmd without letting anybody know who you are. It takes thirty minutes to validate the payment once you have sent the money.

Pros and Pros and


  • It’s a good option when you are trying to locate massage therapists across various cities.
  • The website has a listing of the towns they serve, which makes it simple to locate a therapist close to you.
  • Use the reviews to decide the therapist who is right for you.
  • There is also a chance to learn about the types of services that every therapist provides and get some idea about their levels of expertise and experience.
  • It’s easy and fast to locate the most effective massage therapy service close to you.


  • The site must be maintained properly.
  • The detector for scams isn’t a huge issue.
  • There are no user reviews of how the site works.

Rubmd, is it Legit or Scam-Safe?

The elements in our algorithm are based on the business’s website, When we browse websites, we are looking for information from a professional perspective that informs us about the marketing capabilities of a business’s services, customer support, as well as other crucial aspects. As an example, when we visit the website of a brewery, it isn’t a way to judge whether the beer is good or not. Instead, we focus on their site and the way they advertise their beers.

This isn’t an opportunity to earn money; therefore, when you have, and you are dissatisfied with the 58 reviews, it is important to remember that your website serves as your business card online. The site should be improved. One possible reason is an online management system website as well as the possibility of a connection. Public reviews are crucial.


RubMD provides a simple, customized, cost-effective, and personalized service for anyone who is in need of massage therapy. Thanks to its platform, it is easy to schedule appointments with certified professionals who visit their residences directly, which makes it easier to schedule regular massage therapy sessions within their busy schedules. RubMD provides a variety of services for massage therapy for individuals, as all massage therapists pass an exhaustive background screening for a secure and safe session.

If you’re in search of an effective method to ease the pain of your muscles, chronic soreness or stress in your body, RubMD is definitely worth looking into. Register for an account now and enjoy the advantages of personalized massage in the privacy of your home.