Serviced Offices
Serviced Offices

Are you handling a startup company that needs to have a physical office? While having your very own office feels rewarding, renting an office space can be expensive and time-consuming. You’ll need to pay rent and utility bills, buy furnishings and equipment, and handle maintenance costs. Not to mention, you’ll need to hire someone who’ll take care of its upkeep.

Given these expenses, several companies are turning to a more convenient and cost-effective solution: serviced offices.

Check out these 8 ways serviced offices benefit growing companies.

1. No need to rent oversized spaces to fit occasional amenities

Startup companies need a sturdy desk they can put their laptops on, a comfortable chair, and a quiet, airconditioned working environment. It’s not practical to rent a huge space to fit a conference room you only use once or twice a month.

Unlike with a leased office, serviced offices let you pay only for the basic amenities you need, like a modern desk and internet connectivity. You can book the meeting room when needed and pay a Small Businesses, hourly fee. Kitchens, toilets, and break rooms, which you also rarely use, are communal facilities.

2. Furnished with modern fittings and cutting-edge equipment

Also called business centers or executive offices, serviced offices are coworking spaces complete with furnishings you’ll need from a traditional office. Serviced offices are already fitted out with chairs, desks, filing cabinets, and drawers. They also tend to have modern resources like printers and teleconferencing equipment.

As opposed to traditional leased offices, they provide everything you need to get your job done without the cost and hassle of furnishing an empty shell.

3. Enjoy flexible terms

One of the major advantages of a serviced office is the fact that the lease is flexible. Traditional offices have a minimum of a one-year lease. This long-term commitment may not provide your company the room to grow or downsize.

Serviced offices, on the other hand, normally have a monthly agreement, allowing you to enjoy flexibility when it’s needed. You may initially rent the exact size you need and the serviced office provider will allow you to jump to larger spaces in the building should your company grow.

4. Fixed business rates

If you rent a leased office, your business rates (property tax) and utility rates may be subject to increase. In contrast, serviced offices come with fixed business rates and utility costs.

5. No need to worry about maintenance

Renting a leased office space comes with the added headache of making sure it’s always in top shape. Maintaining your office space may include regular cleaning, and hiring pest control, electricians, and plumbers should things go wrong.

With serviced offices, you don’t have to worry about these troubles. The amenities are being taken care of by the serviced office provider, and they factor the costs into your monthly membership.

6. In-house administrative staff to rely on

Do you need a receptionist and/or an admin staff? Serviced employees often have in-house staff you can outsource to answer the phone on your behalf and perform any ad-hoc administrative task you need on-site. Sometimes, you may need to pay extra for a support service staff, but this is minimal compared to actually hiring someone and paying wages.

7. No surprise end-of-tenancy costs

At the end of a leased office rental term, landlords normally charge tenants for decays or dilapidations. This means you may have to pay a hefty amount to have the office refurbished to its original form. Serviced offices don’t have these kinds of end-of-tenancy costs, making it a blessing for startup businesses.

8. Less stress, more savings

Serviced offices have everything you need to keep your business running smoothly. They are fully-equipped, furnished, and staffed, with no hefty maintenance costs involved. All you need to do is simply move in, get working, and focus on growing your business.

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a daytime writer for Premier Business Centres, one of Ireland’s longest running providers of professional serviced offices, virtual offices, and meeting rooms. When she’s not browsing Pinterest for home decor ideas, she enjoys writing tips about career and office design.