hybrid app
hybrid app

There is no doubt that having a mobile app for business is today’s need. People that were glued with chairs almost half a day just to carry out some business activities are now traveling all around the world while managing their business affairs. Thanks to the invention of the word “mobility” that has revolutionized the working pattern of almost every business and enterprise by developing an app for nearly everything.

But when it comes to starting up a new business, the first question that hit our mind is: Should I develop a native app or should go with cross-platform aka hybrid app for business? Well, this is the question that baffles almost every newbies and startup entering the world of the mobile industry.

So, before you set your mind with any wrong decision, here are some points showcased by app developers from India to help you to decide why hybrid is one of the best approaches for app development.

1. Limited Budget:

Generally, a newbie entering the business has hands tied with limited budget and resources. As the app market is getting augmented, it is quite inevitable to cover maximum user-base on almost all platforms. In such a case, hybrid mobile app development is one of the best options to be considered where you can develop an app targeting all platforms at cost-effective rates.

2. If Your Business Desires For Branding:

The hybrid or cross-platform app is simple and easy to run on almost all the devices. It provides amazing user experience to customers who access your app on almost each and every device. As apps are built with “Write once and run everywhere” strategy, it will leverage best UX that gives a positive reflection in brand image and reputation.

3. If Speed Is Like “ok” Factor For You:

Yes, it’s true! Hybrid apps are relatively slower to run and load as compared to native ones. Web apps require network communication which makes it secure and faster to run. This scenario is eliminated in the hybrid approach and this can be the ultimate reason that slows down the loading speed.

4. If You Want Monotonous Integration:

As hybrid mobile app makes use of its self-generated code it gets synchronized with almost all device widgets like Camera, GPS and all other related information to serve best in all ways.

5. If You Want Global Access Of Your App:

If you wish that customers access all your products and services regardless of place and time then, you need to develop an app that is available in almost every mobile app store. In such a case, hybrid app development is the best option as it can be accessed from all platforms like Itunes, Windows Phone App Store, Google Play Store, etc.

6. If You Want It “Right Away”:

Hybrid app development requires less time as compared to native ones as it makes use of HTML code components across all devices. So, if you want to develop an app in a short time duration then, the hybrid is the best fit option for you.

Going with the right development approach is one of the most difficult decision one needs to take. However, with deep market research, the decision becomes easy and accurate. So, just think twice, analyze your requirements and then come out with the decision.