People love to be with their loved ones. This becomes difficult in the case of a long-distance relationship. You sometimes have to get innovative about keeping the bond between you and your partner alive even when you’re in a long-distance relationship. Some couples might wear something that reminds them of each other. Others might make use of technology to keep in touch.

A touch is worth a 1000 words. It’s a small action with a great impact. With Hey, you use a simple touch to let someone know you’re thinking about him/her. A soft touch can be relaxing, encouraging, or funny. HEY creates a unique bond that wants to keep in touch through touch be it between two lovers, parents, and children, friends, or anyone. The HEY bracelet was released in Kickstarter about a month ago and is now available online to purchase.

The couples matching jewelry sets come in two color coordinations—white with rose gold and anthracite with black —and the manufacturers are planning to add more colors. And while these cute couple bracelets are perfect for couples, we’re considering there’s no reason you could not get one for someone and call it the most technologically-advanced relationship bracelet ever.

Reduce the distance and feel the touch of your special one with this HEY couple bracelets. These are ideal for long-distance relationships.

Brings people closer than ever:

Your closest friends, family members, and loved ones are never far away. Even when you’re actually kilometers apart, they continue to be in your mind at all times. You probably know exactly what they’re doing. Maybe they’re viewing a thrilling scene in Game of Thrones, getting ready for a job meeting, patiently waiting for a school exam, and so on. Especially during these times, you want to let them know you’re close by their side. ‘HEY, I’m there with you.’ This is when ‘HEY’ plays a key role in cherishing your relationships.

Crafted with love:

HEY is more than a wearable couple matching jewelry set. It’s more than an accessory as it inculcates a real person’s feelings. An ideal gift that’s wonderful and classy but also valuable for a relationship. Basically, something to remember each other better.

A simple touch:

Made for men and women both, HEY fits perfectly in your wrist. Besides that, this bracelet is a distinguished accessory that gels on with every outfit.

Touch Bracelets for couples and friends:

These beautiful adjustable long-distance cute couple bracelets give you the feeling of camaraderie with your love, boyfriend/girlfriend, the nearest friend, or BFFs. We cannot reduce the distance for you but we can cause you to feel the closeness.

All it takes is to go to the nearest Arts and Crafts store, buy lace, strings, beads, and start creating! As a default option, we went with the black leather band, because it’s the most fairly neutral color, and also because most of you elected for this design in the latest study we sent out. But when you get the bracelet, you can play around with the style both for yourself and your dear one.