Stellar Converter for MBOX

MBOX file is essential as it is used by several clients to store their emails and another mailbox in this. MBOX file provides access to the Mozilla Thunderbird and many to email clients to store their emails easily.

If you want to avail most effective way to store any kind of mails then the MBOX file is definitely for you. This file provides a convenient way which is mainly based on the email clients and is need to migrate to Microsoft Outlook.

You just need to prefer the conversion process of the MBOX file to the Outlook importable PST format.

Best MBOX to PST Converter:

There are several manual prices to convert the MBOX to the PST but they consume more time than usual. This process also involves a higher risk of the loss of data. One of the most effective and best ways to convert the MBOX file into the PST is by using the concept of advanced MBOX to PST converter tools or software.

There is effective software that allows accessing the conversion process which is reliable and powerful as well. Well, the simplest definition of an MBOX file is that it is a great way to store files that are specially made to store, and other uses several mails or messages. MBOX allows users to access to store a single long text file and the email messages that are concatenated in it.

Here are some effective and most preferred tools that allow converting the email files from the MBOX into the PST. Make are to use the tools to make your work easier and vincent. It doesn’t take much time to arrange or convert the file with the help of effective tools. Tools have powerful techniques that concert accordingly without any hassle. It will be good to prefer beat tools to convert to your bulk email in a short period.

Stellar Converter

The stellar converter is considered the most effective tool for MBOX that allows the users to convert the files into the format PST. The converted file or data is easy to import. This tool mainly supports Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and others.

The best thing about this tool is that it supports Microsoft outlook versions like Microsoft outlook 2019, 2003, 2013, 2007, and others.


  • This tool provides an easy and hassle-free method to convert the email file effectively in a short time.
  • These tools provide access to convert single or even multiple MBOX files in just one go.
  • The best thing about this tool is that it also provides the options to append to the existing PST or allow to save as the new PST file.
  • It also provides access to preview the scanned emails before converting importing the file.
  • Stellar Converter for MBOX also supports the conversion for 17 MBOX clients and it can be used to cover Apple Mail emails as well.
  • This tool enables the user to select the file for the conversion and allows to save the emails in several formats like office 365, PDF, HTML, and many more.


  • Stellar Converter for MBOX is only applicable for the English language.

Advik Software MBOX to PST

This software is very effective and it may support Windows. It also supports Microsoft Outlook versions like 2019, 2013, 2003, and many more.


  • This software is widely accepted by people to allow to convert the MBOX file to Outlook in bulk.
  • If hemp to maintains the folder structure as we.
  • This software mainly comes with a single pan interface and also helps to retain the key elements of the messages like data, CX, attachments, and many more
  • This software does not allow you to lose any kind of data.


  • This software does not support the wide range of email clients that mainly uses the format of MBOX.
  • This software is not suitable for older versions of windows.

SysTools MBOX to Outlook:

These tools provide an easy process to convert the file into the format PST. It supports OS like Windows 10, 7, 2000, and many more.


  • The best thing about this effective tools is that it Allow exporting MBOX ara into the format PSR in a seamless process
  • It supports other formats like EML, PDF as well to save the file.
  • It helps to create single or multiple PST files which mainly depends on the references.
  • This tool provides a preview of the email comets.


  • This tool provides a limited demo.

Final Verdict

As you are well aware of the most important email clients, Ms Outlook some snot prefer the format to store their emails. It prefers to use a different file format which is called PST to store the emails. If you want to move your emails from one of the email clowns to MS outlook then it is crucial to converting the file into PST format. It is quite overwhelming at first that this tool is very easy to handle. This tool allows the users to avail the most effective and

Convenient process about the work without worrying about the technical aspects involved in the migrations.

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