bad news from the doctor
bad news from the doctor

There are many vitamins and vaccines that can be given to the kids o that their immunity will be increased. The babies will be given the vaccine while they are in the hospital. You may get these in government hospitals just for free. In private clinics, you may get these at the most reasonable rates. This is a very important vaccine for the baby and this is useful for the future.  This is the best protection against many of the diseases.

What Is Vitamin K Vaccine For Babies?

Vitamin k vaccine for babies will help for the blood clotting. If you have any bleeding then this may help you to stop the same. While you are pregnant, the baby will not get a sufficient quantity of K vitamin and they need this additional vaccine. If you do not give this vaccine then there may be a disorder by the name ‘vitamin K deficiency bleeding’. This may make the brain bleed and that may cause brain damage. Sometimes this may also lead to death.  This can be prevented with the extra vitamin supply.

How The Vaccine Will Be Given

The easiest way is through injection. This is better than oral supply. You need to give one injection right after the baby’s birth. This will give protection to the baby for a long time. This is given as a protection for your baby and this will also increase the immunity power.  If you want to avoid the injection then you can also give the oral dose for the vitamin. This has to be done with great care as it will not get absorbed completely and the effect may be a short-term one.

The Oral Does Is Easy And Safe

Vitamin k vaccination baby will safeguard your baby. The first dose will be given at birth and the second will be given three or four days after the birth. The third dose will be given when the child will be four weeks old and the baby is exclusively on the breastfeeding. If the baby is on formula feed then there is no need for the supply of the extra vitamin. If you give the oral dose and the baby will have a vomit after one hour of giving then the baby will need one more dose.

Can This Be Given To All Babies?

This can be given to all the babies and this is a safe vaccine. If the baby is too small or it is premature then only a small dose is enough. If the oral dose is not suitable for your baby then you need to give the injection for this.  New-borns can be given only the injection and oral is not advisable for them.  Babies may have some problems for the feeding and hence the only injection can be given to them.  You need to take the advice from the doctor is necessary. This is the best vaccine for your baby and your baby will be healthy now.

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