Remaining stagnant in familiar surroundings seems like the antithesis of a vacation. After all, people often identify vacations as a break from routine and responsibility. However, if escape is the purpose of a vacation, this objective can be an achievement in any location—even your own city.

Staycations are vacations where you use your precious time off to remain where you live. Economically, this eliminates the cost of air travel and gas, but staycations are catching on for more reasons than just money. For example, you have children, then you can still feel available if they need you.

In addition, staycations provide a new way to view your life. The city or town you reside in may look quite different to an outsider, so take the opportunity to escape in your own city by looking through the eyes of a tourist.

Find unique places to sleep

Since travel funds are no longer an issue, you can take advantage of interesting places to stay. If you want to book a hotel room for the lowest rate possible at the last minute, try sites like or Groupon. Your spam inbox flooded with promotions will finally be useful!

There are many other places to sleep aside from a hotel. Research bed and breakfasts nearby, or if you live close to a park system then try to find a cabin to rent. You can even go camping in your backyard! Whatever you decide upon, be sure to sleep somewhere that gives you a view that’s dramatically different from the one seen through your bedroom window at home.

Explore activities

Check the weather if you plan to stay in a hotel, as many hotels have indoor pools open all year. Plan an adventure with your free time, whether it’s for your family or just for yourself—go to places you would normally visit, like a waterpark or another type of amusement park. Take art classes, or make a picnic in a pretty spot you have been eyeing on your morning commute. Try the activities that you think may make you feel free.

Treat yourself

The hit TV show “Parks and Rec” dedicated an entire funny episode to the idea of treating yourself. If you feel like getting a spa day, then do it! If you feel like trying the newest desserts at a bakery, go ahead! Visit the places in which you don’t normally let yourself spend money.

A fantastic restaurant may be an extravagance for a monthly budget, but one expensive meal during your staycation could be worth it! You’ll view your city in a different way, and get to delight in the things made for those with six-figure salaries. Why not live like royalty for a day? Budgeting for this type of special day helps you understand that you can treat yourself in a kind way every day.

Be a tourist

Pretend you have never been to your city before. What are some of the sites and attractions that you would show to an out-of-town guest? For example, many individual suburbs and economic development corporations offer historical walking tours, and trolley tours are another fun way to learn about the rich history of your hometown.

Attend events

Sporting events are always exciting. If you already attend certain games, then try attending a new sporting event entirely. For example, the Cleveland Metroparks (i.e. the park system surrounding every suburb around the city) offers the opportunity to attend polo matches in the warm weather. You may find it difficult to determine whether you are living in your city or in England!

Other events like traveling comedy shows or concerts can also provide you with a metropolitan staycation experience. If you really want to feel transported, then get tickets to a play or musical.

Use local resources

Most city websites showcase information provided by the government, as it’s useful for those who are thinking of relocating to your city. These sites list events and some of the most well-known tourist destinations. Your department of tourism and other locals chambers of commerce offer the same type of materials.

There are also many privately funded websites dedicated to each city, some of which are connected to your local newspaper. These sites exist for the purpose of engaging residents in local activities. Researching staycation ideas ahead of time can get you just as excited for a staycation as you would be for any other vacation!

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