tree removal

Tree removal is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous jobs, as it involves quite a lot of risks. One has to have extensive knowledge of the subject before doing it. Along with the knowledge, one needs to have extensive experience as well.

This is necessary because a tree can fall on people or objects that are around it. Also, one who’s working on the project can fall off as well. Such is the risk involved in this job that sometimes claims human lives.

Some people take it for granted and reach out to the tree removal from their property. This is because it looks simpler from a distance. Just move a chainsaw across the tree, and guide it to fall through some ropes.

The reality, however, is entirely different. The hazards linked to tree removal are actually potential. One must know what they are, so he does not take the matter into his hand.

Let us have a look at the potential dangers of tree removal.

Danger to the Environment

Cutting down a tree has some severe effects on our environment. It impacts the quality of the land. Most of the land animals live in forests, and by cutting them down, we destroy their homes. Not just for the animals, we make it difficult for ourselves as well. Trees help reduce the carbon monoxide content in the air, which is helpful in controlling air pollution. When we cut down the trees, we invite the pollution to cause us the health issues that impact the standard of our lives.


Sometimes, the trees are around electrical lines. A branch or the entire tree falling on an electrical line may cause the things to get out of control. Not only the falling tree, but you or your tools can come into contact with those active wires as well. This way, you can get electrocuted, and in extreme cases, fire may break out. One has to be very careful before he takes it to the tree to remove it from his property for whatever reason.

Free Falling Limbs

It is not possible for a tree to fall in one piece at all times. Sometimes, you will see loose limbs falling in any random direction as opposed to your plan. This can cause injuries to the people standing in those unexpected positions. It can also damage the property and equipment around it. Dead and dying trees usually result in such scenarios.

Improper Tool Handling

It might not sound as serious, but it is one of the major safety issues related to tree removal in Blacktown. A chainsaw is an equipment that you would most likely see in the hand of the worker removing a tree. It requires a lot of experience for anyone to work with a chainsaw. If you, being a newbie, think you can control it, then you are wrong. You can easily injure or worse, kill yourself with it.

Then are the ladders on which a worker has to stand all the time while cutting down a tree. If it is not held properly, it can lose the grip and cause the worker to fall off from the height, thus injuring or killing him.

Hit by Trunks and Branches

While removing a tree, it is essential to cut its trunks and branches before anything else. But, if you have no idea about it, these things can comfortably hit you. To avoid this from happening, professionals always work in a team. It is crucial to have someone to assist you in bringing those branches to the ground without hurting anyone. Experts are aware of such issues, and they know the practices to prevent such damages.

Natural Impact

When a worker cuts a tree, he has no control over where it falls. It is the gravitational force that has the upper hand here. If it is decayed, then the situation can be even more dangerous. No ropes or anticipated indentions work when things begin to go wrong. The judgment of the worker can also be blamed if the tree falls on a power line, people, homes, or cars.

Bottom Line

Inexperienced people sometimes get influenced by the do it yourself tutorials that make things look easier than they actually are. The seriousness of this task can never be ignored. An expert can do it much better, and he can also ensure his safety and the safety of others around him.

Simply put, you should never do such a thing on your own. The risks involved in it are simply not worth the efforts of an inexperienced person. You will likely create even more problems than you solve here. A professional knows the best way to do it, and he has the experience to do it as well. Irrespective of the reason, calling a professional to do it for you is the best option that you have.