kitchen renovation

Did you know that kitchen renovation is considered the heart of a house? This is the place where family members and friends would gather, spending the family-time needed over good food and hearty conversation. This is why one should treat it special and make some changes once in a while to maintain it.

However, kitchen renovation sometimes is expensive and we need more time to gather funds to execute the plan. But you don’t need to worry because there are ways to improve your kitchen without breaking the bank and they are below:

Use the power of paint

One of the cheapest ways to transform your kitchen from boring to lively is using paint. You should consider repainting your kitchen walls and painting your cabinets. While it’s up to your preference in choosing the colors, it’s wiser to pick the lighter ones. Light colors make the kitchen look elegant. The power of paint also conceals dents and scratches. It’s a quick fix to modernize your kitchen and trendy. However, make sure that the colors you choose will help in showcasing your chosen overall mood and atmosphere of the kitchen.

Choose tiles over slabs

Tiles are versatile in giving a certain look in any room. If you’re into marble and granite, they are way cheaper compared to bigger slabs, which are required to be customized to fit. Tiles have come in an unlimited variety of patterns and colors. You can mix and match according to your preference. They can be used on the following:

  • Floors
  • Backsplashes
  • Countertops

You have almost endless options from tiles. You can combine with wood and other less expensive materials.

Light up the kitchen

Whether you live in an apartment, condo, or in one of those kit homes, all the rooms inside it need good lighting. It is an important factor in making lively and useful. For a kitchen renovation, you should buy new light fixtures and change the light fittings. If you have a spare budget, you can get some fancy lights that will add to the overall atmosphere of your kitchen.

Adjustable lights are also recommended as you can change them according to your needs. It also allows you to regulate the light intensity. Other options are LEDs, fluorescent under cabinet lighting, and spotlights.

Use open shelving

Open shelves give an illusion of a bigger kitchen even if it’s small. For a more dramatic look, you should remove the door of the shelves and the paint if there’s any. To have a lively kitchen atmosphere, consider getting vibrant-colored dishes. Open shelving is really a great place for your favorite dishes on display, so make sure they are well-organized.

Make it a habit to clean and de-clutter

Part of budget-friendly kitchen renovation is de-cluttering the place one in a while and cleaning it regularly. If you have a clean and organize cabinet, it will surely help you finish your kitchen agenda efficiently. Always remove unnecessary items and utensils as well as expired food. Maintain your kitchen squeaky clean so everyone can enjoy going to the kitchen and happily making food.

Check and repair the plumbing and fixtures

Is there anyone who wants to cook in a kitchen with leaky faucets? No one! Even if you don’t plan for kitchen renovation any time soon, you should regularly check the plumbing fixtures along with other things related to it. Ensure that they are still in good working condition to avoid accidents. If you need to fix or change it, consult with an expert first when checking the plumbing system of your houses like the water connections and pipes.

Upgrade your backsplash too

The panel behind your sink or stove also needs attention when doing a kitchen renovation. Treat it equally because it’s your protective barrier for your kitchen. In doing so, you may consider patterns and color palette that will complement your cabinetry to your backsplash.

If you want a minimalist look, you can cover your walls with tiles like in the subway and make a repetitive pattern. For trendy and bold design, try mixing and matching various tiles with more decorative patterns. Also, you should have some extra tiles in case of broken pieces while installing them and they can be pretty useful for future repairs.

Extend your kitchen cabinet’s height

Do you want more space for your kitchen utensils and stuff? Don’t strip your old cabinets but instead, extend them upward and add more height to it. You would notice that the kitchen cabinets now have more room for cooking and baking essentials.

Consider using pulls and knobs

These are one of those small details that most people forget when doing a kitchen renovation. Remember that your cabinet hardware is designed for everyday use, so it should comfortable and durable. New and updated pulls and knobs paired with neutral cabinets will make your kitchen trendy – from rustic design to urban chic.

In choosing pulls and knobs, consider the cabinet hardware’s texture, materials, and design. In this way, you can purchase the best ones that match the overall kitchen theme.